Saturday, July 7, 2012

If you can’t take the heat, don’t tickle the dragon…

Alright! Who the hell tickled the dragon?? And all his little dragon friends. Because there is some serious heat going on out there.

We are finally home from the beach house shelter. It was very nice down there. In all the times I’ve been down there, I’ve met a few of the weekenders, but not too many of the full time residents. Having to buy four bags of ice every day at the local minimart was a perfect opportunity. Everyone is so pleasant. Even to strangers! I love that.

After being home for two days, the house is just now starting to cool off. Thank gawd. Although I really have not been the one complaining of the heat, I do have to admit, the humidity involved is awful. I have been blamed for bringing the heat with me from Phoenix, and while that might be true, the humidity was here when I got here!! Right now, this minute, it is 89° with 65% humidity. In two hours, the temperature will soar to 101 with a heat index of 107, with 37% humidity.

I will be honest with you, I really don’t know how humidity works or what the number has to be to make it seem like being on the inside of a crab steamer. I do know it affects the heat index. Another little item I learned about when we moved to this area the first time, 15 years ago. Apparently heat index is what it feels like outside. I think the weathermen made that up because they are not allowed to say “Hotter than the hammered hinges of hell” on television. In Phoenix when they say it is going to be 112°, it feels like 112°. There is no heat index about it, stay inside.

CGMan was having a very uncomfortable time with me yesterday as we ran a couple of errands. Big guys do not do well with heat and humidity. We did all that we could to keep the car cool while running into the various stores; parking faced away from the sun, putting in the window cover, cracking the windows and sunroof. It didn’t really help. Poor guy. Maybe next time I’ll let him drive so he can have the seat with the A/C. Or not.

He did offer a suggestion for this most recent heat wave, which I see is heading further north where people live without air conditioners because it never gets hot there. On days the heat index is above 100°, clothing should be optional.

Of course, he believes Tuesdays should be clothing optional, too.

As he’s playing golf this morning, I wonder if he’s looking around at all the sweaty, slightly past their prime, retired military guys and still thinking the same thing?

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