Friday, June 29, 2012

There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want…

I got back from my Nana mission last week. Whew! What a busy three weeks that was! So much hugging and cuddling and smooching and nibbling! Oh yeah, and my children are fine, too. You know, they’ve been my kids for 28 and 26 years. I know what they look like and act like. I’m kinda over them now.

Anyway…there were some things I had to teach Baby K.
Things like, it is unladylike to cry just because your tiara is too small, but it will get you a bigger one:

IMG_3488  IMG_3487

a princess can go far with a pair of fairy wings…

IMG_3455   IMG_3457

and good things come in small boxes…


There were other types of lessons, too, like music lessons…


mermaid classes, known to non-princesses as swimming lessons…

IMG_3413  IMG_3414

and we certainly couldn’t leave out table etiquette…

IMG_3363    IMG_3485

IMG_3508      IMG_3509

There was also a lesson I needed to pass down to my grandgirl, because my mom passed it down to her grandgirl (while CGMan and I were away on our honeymoon)…

how to cheat at play cards…

IMG_3489   IMG_3494

Yep, I think Nana did a pretty good job teaching this baby some of life’s important lessons, not the least of which is, if there are no glasses, it is perfectly acceptable to drink from the bottle.

We will see Baby K again in September when we all meet in Vegas for the Girl and MJ’s wedding! It’s going to be awesome, with four generations together for the first time. 

Since she is to be Maid of Honor, I do hope the little princess remembers all the lessons I taught her. Especially the cheating at cards.
What?! It’s Vegas, for cryin out loud!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Trust me, these are not lemons…

This picture is from last week, when I arrived here in Phoenix. I joked that it was my punishment for not liking snow.


Some thought I was complaining, but let me assure, I was not. I lived here in the desert for many years, back when I was having my own babies. I don’t mind the heat. I reminded CGMan of that the other day when I told him how hot it was outside. He commented that was easy to say when I was in the comfort of my air conditioned car. First of all, duh. And secondly, I reminded him, I didn’t have to shovel the sunshine to get to my air conditioned car, nor did I have to shovel the sunshine off the driveway to back out with my air conditioned car.

Let me just pause to say, there is no way on God’s green earth I would be shoveling a driveway of snow (read: man’s job), I was merely making a point.

I also reminded him that when it’s hot outside, one can always cool off in a swimming pool. In the winter, where he comes from, the only thing a swimming pool is good for is hockey. So, back to the issue of the heat. Yes, it is hot here, but this week will be cooler. See?


This is a dry heat. Don’t scoff!  0% chance of rain also means 0% humidity.
Humidity is the difference between lemons and lemonade, my friends.

IMG_3407  IMG_3413IMG_3421  IMG_3422

Me and Baby K?
We are all about the lemonade, baby!!

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