Friday, April 20, 2012

My shirt of many colors…

I love to paint the rooms of my home. Most of you know this about me already. There is plenty on this here blog to prove that. What you may not know is I wear the same shirt every time I paint. Every. Time. I don’t wear the same pants because they keep shrinking in the drawer between paint jobs. Dammit.

Here is my shirt of many colors and oh, how I love it so…


Ahh, the memories.


This blue speck right here? That’s the color I painted the master bathroom in this new house, in the city. The color is called “Aqua-Sphere”. I must be getting better at painting, because this is the only little splotch I had on my shirt of many colors.

The before pictures are really bad, because CGMan took them when he came to look at the house. (Yes, yes, I know that I chronicle almost every paint job and yes, you would think I would always remember to take a “before” picture. It happens that I get too excited and forget –it’s the story of my life. That’s how I came to have two husbands and three kids) As I was saying…CGMan found this house as the owners were still moving out, so it hadn’t been cleaned up yet, but he took pictures to send to me for my approval. You have to move fast when you are trying to rent a house in the city. So here are the before pictures:


The curtains hanging there are homemade white and blue striped.

Now, after I donned my shirt of many colors and transformed this colorless bathroom, here is the new and improved master bath:






I truly believe my shirt of many colors has just a little magic in it, wouldn’t you say?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday…




Apparently these pictures have gone viral and the man who took them, Seth Casteel, has been on every morning talk show around the world. See? This is what I miss by not watching TV. So for those of you who haven’t seen them, check it out!!

One of the things I learned about Seth, is that he takes pictures of homeless dogs to help them find their forever homes. Click on any of the pictures to read the news story.

Check out his website, Little Friends Photos, here, to see more pictures of underwater dogs.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good nature without prudence, is foolishness…

Prudence – [prood-ns] – caution with regard to practical matters; discretion

Today’s topic is prudence, and the recent revelation that not a lot of people practice it. We are quick to judgment about someone based on their clothes, or hairstyle, or weight. I’m not talking about color of skin or heritage, that is a completely different area called racism.

How many times have you been somewhere and noticed someone who didn’t smell “fresh”? Did you jump to the assumption that the person is a bum, or has no class, can’t be bothered to even take a shower before going out? I’m sure you thought it to yourself, but prudence keeps you from saying something aloud. Because that would be wrong. We don’t know why the person smells that way. Maybe their plumbing is broken, maybe a disease, but we know not to say anything. We are taught that it is rude. And it is.

We also know not to say anything rude to someone who is heavy. It’s not news that our country has the highest obesity rate in the world. But it is rude to say anything about weight/exercise/food to someone who is ample.

Aren’t we all just a little concerned about our weight, our body image? I know I am. I swear I think I’ll be on Weight Watchers forever. It would work, too, if I would follow all the instructions, instead of just the ones that suit me. Anyway, my point is, prudence (and plain good manners) keeps us from pointing out those flaws in others.

Most of the time.

There seems to be a bit of a double standard in one area. Thin people.

The Girl shared a story with me and has given me permission to share it with you. As you know, she recently gave birth to my grandgirl, Baby K, aka the Princess. The Girl has always been fortunate to have a high metabolism and is thin. She is not skinny and has NEVER liked being called such. When she was a child she was very thin, but muscular and athletic. She eats well and naturally maintains her figure. She is not vain, in fact, she’s a bit of the opposite. She doesn’t really pay attention, other than to eat properly. She’s not a gym rat and does not obsess about her figure. She doesn’t have to.


On to the story: She has gone back to work after giving birth 9 weeks ago. The ladies where she works are all quite astonished by her figure, which is exactly the same as it was before she got pregnant. They seem to take great pains to point that out to anyone who will listen, making remarks about how they can’t believe she just had a baby, how skinny she is, and generally making her the topic of scrutiny among employees and clients alike. Every. Day. There are comments like "You need to eat a sandwich”, “You’re too skinny” and, “Don’t you ever eat?!”  Let me say, they’re not being mean or nasty, just pointed and loud and persistent.

As I said, she doesn’t like to be called skinny, because she isn’t. She is uncomfortable with the discussion and the attention they are throwing at her. I reminded her that this is the big, green head of envy popping up, because there are some of us who are still trying to lose baby weight, even 22 years later. She did not laugh. She said she would never, ever, look at that woman who asked her if she ever eats and ask her right back, “Don’t you ever stop eating?”

That’s when it hit me.

Why is it okay to talk to a thin person that way, when we know it’s wrong to talk to a heavy person like that? Why do thin people have to defend themselves for being thin? Or rich people for being rich? Or how a woman achieved a prestigious position at work?

Why do we point fingers about the way their money is spent or even how they came to acquire it? Could be hard work, maybe? And if someone has money, why isn’t it okay to buy nicer things? I would.  And can’t a woman work hard, learn and work her way to the top? These are just a few examples. If you really thought about it, you would realize how many more there are. But we justify because they’re rich/pretty/thin/successful. And we aren’t.

This is where the word of the day comes in: Prudence

I challenge each of you to use prudence when you feel the need to make a snap judgment about someone or something. Maybe think about it a little bit. Look at it from a different angle. Realize before you speak how your words may be interpreted. And don’t let envy speak for you.

And for the record, that Girl CAN EAT!! She loves food. Like her momma.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gather the crumbs of happiness and they will make you a loaf of contentment…

I know it hasn’t seemed apparent in recent months, but I love this little blog. There are times when I go back through the last three years and read my older posts and think “Dang, I’m a funny girl”. It seemed I had no shortage of stuff to write about. Though I often feel the heartbreak of the last year has taken some of the funny out of my sails, I still love this little blog.

As I come out of the fog, and for any of you who have lost a parent, you know the fog of which I speak, I am glad that I still have my little blog. I know I don’t write as often, or am I near as funny, but I still like to check in.

With that being said, I sat around this morning wanting to write on my blog, but not knowing what to write about. You would think living right here in the Nation’s Capitol I would have plenty, and I would, if this was a political type blog. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I stay far, far away from politics. Ugh, the thought of it makes my head hurt and my tummy roil.

I thought about writing about my grandbabies, but I don’t want to wear that subject out. I realize I am the one who carries the most joy on that topic and honestly, that’s quite alright by me. I love when I can text them and say, “Ahem, anyone want to Skype with Nana?” and I get a phone call right away. But you all don’t want to hear about that every single time I sit down to write.

What is left? I asked myself. The dogs! I answered. But you know what? Those rascals have done nothing interesting in weeks. Other than tear to absolute shreds a hard-to-come-by Trinidad cookbook that I had rescued from Skater’s house. I don’t know what got into them. Coming home to a house full of tiny pieces of paper and cardboard was not fun. Trying to figure out exactly what they had chewed up was kind of interesting, but not really blogworthy.

I also have the problem of not being able to remember shit (there’s just no way to say “can’t remember ___”, without saying shit, I don’t know why) stuff I was going to write about. I remember being somewhere, the people who were there and laughing and saying, “I’m so going to put this on my blog!” The next morning I’m on the phone asking all involved if they remember what it was we were laughing about and what it was I was going to put on my blog. Sometimes my friends are no help. All they do is remind me of the wine we drank. Don’t even say it, because I am positive alcohol has nothing, nothing, to do with my memory lapses. It’s age. Dammit. 

So. Here I am.

I have thought about it and have decided to share some Facebook entries with you. I know a few of you are friends on FB and have already seen these, but hopefully they will make you smile once again.

As I mentioned, I’m coming out of a fog and in doing so, I have decided to capture my happiness and write it down. Happiness in the little things. Which is easy to do, because I’ve never been rich enough to find happiness in the big things. That’s not to say I didn’t give it a shot, we did buy a MegaBall ticket or twenty two. Alas, my future lies in the little things. But you know what? I don’t mind at all.

Here are a few of my Happinesses…

  • Happiness is pink and fluffy…
  • Happiness is looking over to see the grown man in the next car reaching out to wave at your dog.
  • Happiness is having A/C in your drivers seat.
  • Happiness is lucky charms…
  • Happiness is Skyping with your grandgirl and she laughs for the first time.
  • Happiness is Skyping with your grandboy all the way in California.
  • Happiness is happy-ness…
  • Happiness is watching a bunch of city dogs figure out what to do with a pair of ducks.
  • Happiness is telling weight watchers to kiss my big fat butt and making a candy bar cheesecake from scratch.
  • Happiness is pony shopping for your grandbabies...
  • Happiness is tulips in your windowsill that came from your own backyard.

What is your happiness?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings…

I’ve been busy, but this time with real stuff!

When our friend Debra, from Austin, asked when she should come to visit, I immediately said, Oh, come in the spring for the cherry blossoms! Yeah, I was smoking crack or something, because I totally forgot that Every.Middle.School.In.The.Nation comes to see the fricken cherry blossoms in the spring. Combined with the fact that it was a warmer than usual winter and we had a pretty awesome windstorm the week before, there weren’t many cherry blossoms left to see by the time Debra got here. Not to worry, there is always plenty to do in DC.

IMG_0482 IMG_3133IMG_3132

Oh wait. There is more than good food and wine in DC. You probably want to hear about that, hunh?


Yes, that is a tree made of chrome. It is pretty awesome.

Debra and I went to the National Museum of the American Indian. I’ll be honest and say that out of all the really cool museums in DC, I thought this one would be a dud less than exciting. Maybe it is the crack I’ve been known to smoke, but I could not have been more wrong. It was really cool! Oh, and the food in the cafĂ© is to die for. Not your typical cafeteria fare, for sure! And yes, it really is all about the food.


The trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms was not a total wash. Somebody please tell me those are cherry blossoms. I am the worst tour guide, because honestly? I really don’t know what they look like. How could I not, though, because every single gift shop in DC has Cherry Blossom crap stuff for sale. From earrings, to T-shirts and hoodies, to playing cards and coloring books. All about the cherry blossom.

Anyway, it was an awesome week with beautiful weather and great company. Every time someone comes to visit, I learn a little more about this city I live in. That’s a good thing, right? By the time you get here, maybe I’ll know a little more than where is the best place to drink eat!

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