Monday, March 12, 2012

Hunnies…I’m home!

I’ve missed you! Really, I have. You might think I hardly thought of you while I was away and well, you would be correct. You might have thought I was never going to come home again and I must admit, the thought crossed my mind. You could even have made the assumption that I had gone a little “grandbaby crazy” and I can’t say you’d have been far off the mark.

But something happened while I was away. Something that made me remember who you are what loyal friends I have in you, my readers. It made me realize there is nothing more to life than grandbabies. It reminded me I have DCMan ZTMan PDMan a husband and a couple of dogs who need me, too.

What happened, you ask? I’ll tell you what happened.

The mommies took control.

All of a sudden, the mommies knew how feed, burp, change and bathe, all while getting the requisite two daily loads of baby laundry done and managing to look beautiful and well rested. Okay, maybe they weren’t well rested, but they looked it. One of the mommies even mastered the crock pot to put me out of work save time in the kitchen.

Nana offered to stay forever a while, but there were no takers. They had everything under control.

*snort* Yeah, they’ll be singing a different tune when those babies are teenagers. Ha!

Until then, I am back in my empty nest with my two dogs, Chloe and Bebe.


While I’ve been reacquainting myself with my husband, who by the way, is out of town this whole week, (WTH?) a couple of important anniversaries happened.

March 1st – I have been a NON-smoker for four years! Yay me!

March 6th – I have been a blogger for three years! Yay me!

My husband, CGMan, right? has been glad to have me home. While it seems we have spent the greater part of our marriage apart, it’s not something we like to do. It just happens. He told me how much he missed me and how he didn’t like when I was away for so long. I reminded him that HE went away to the other side of the world and we were apart for longer periods of time. He responded with a heartfelt “Yeah, but I didn’t have to watch the dogs”. God, I love that man.

And I love you, too, my readers. Thanks for hanging around.

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