Friday, December 9, 2011

A scatterbrain is one who never has an unspoken thought….

  • CGMan and I finally found a doctor in our new town. It’s one of the things I hate most about moving. That and finding a hairdresser, which I have not. Anyway, the two of us went together for our first visit. We really liked her, even when she told us we had to lose weight. A lot of weight. No one wants to hear that during the holidays.
  • CGMan has bribed me into taking down all the Christmas decorations before I leave for my Nana mission. How’s that for a twist of fate? The lady who likes to put up Christmas before Thanksgiving now has to take it all down before the 18th of December. It’s kind of ironic that the man who doesn’t believe in the magic of Christmas quite as much as I (but then, who does?) believes all the decorations are put up magically. He leaves for work, comes home and it’s Christmas in his house. The thought of him trying to “magically” put everything away gives me hives. Besides, the bribe was a pretty good one, so we’re square.
  • I haven’t been much in a cookie baking mood this year. I know! What’s Christmas without Christmas cookies? The Marine has already sent a hint or two, so I’m sure I will have a burst of cookie making mojo once I get out there. I’ll take my cookie recipe box. Yes, they have their own box.
  • I got my very first ever flu shot while at the new doctor’s office. I’ve never had the flu so didn’t see why I needed one. Then I remembered my Nana mission and thought it would be wise not to take a chance of getting the flu and then not being able to smooch and nibble hold my grandboy. I don’t know if I’m being a baby or what, but my arm hurts! Three days later! Not as bad as a tetanus shot, but it hurts plenty bad. Maybe if I didn’t have so much fat on my arm? Hunh.
  • Last night CGMan and I attended his new company’s Christmas party. I was pretty excited about it, as I like parties and Christmas parties are my favorite. I even bought a new dress. Then I found out it was being held in a bar & grill, so I took the beautiful dress back and went with business casual, red sweater and black slacks. Good thing I did too, because for some, business casual means your best jeans and Uggs. Ugh.

We made our rounds as we do, meeting people and shaking hands. CGMan is the newest team member, having only been with the company for a couple of months, so a lot of people didn’t know him. No matter, we still worked the room. What we noticed was, we were the only ones mingling. No one else was working the room. Once we were done, we found a place to sit down. It was there we realized this party was B.O.R.I.N.G.

So we ditched it.

I can’t believe we did that! We ate some of the free appetizers, paid for our glasses of wine from the cash bar and left right before they started the buffet line for dinner. I haven’t looked it up in the etiquette book, but I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon. Or would have been if anyone had noticed.

We headed over to a nice Italian restaurant that I had been wanting to try (sorry new doctor, diet starts after the new year!) and there was an outdoor skating rink, right there on the sidewalk! I had never seen one before. Of course, it’s a little hard to keep one of those things frozen in Texas. The kids all looked like they were having such fun. And NO, we did not skate, whaddaya crazy?

IMG_2546   IMG_2547 

But I did take a picture of the little Zamboni.

What are those? Jet packs?

I’ve been to one hockey game and that’s the only thing I can remember about it, the Zamboni song. When I took the picture, the song got stuck in my head.

Now it can be stuck in yours.
  • CGMan and I had such a great time last night, not going to his company Christmas party. We had great fun and good food, so it was a win for us. And all those people we shook hands with? Well, you guys just missed out on some FUN people.
  • Tomorrow night is yet another Christmas party. But this one is guaranteed to be a winner. Want to know why I am so sure? Because it’s the block party from the block that taught us all about block parties! There was the one year all the men dressed in plaid flannel and suspenders like our neighbor, Bob. They each other Bob all night long. Another year, there was a full moon on someone’s lawn (I’d have to check the annals, but I think the moon might have belonged to my spouse). I don’t know what’s it’s been like in the 10 years we’ve been gone, but it doesn’t matter. When you get together with people who know you, it’s bound to be a good time. I can’t wait.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Boring company Christmas parties? Cookie baking? Santa shopping?

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