Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Did you know…?

…the most popular day for babies to make their arrival is Tuesday. Listen up, little man!

more newborns arrive in September, the second most popular month is August. Cold winters and holidays parties, whooda thunk?.

…about 200,000 people in the U.S. were born on February 29th?

…when it comes time to give birth, a female shark loses her appetite so she won’t be tempted to eat her own pup? She’ll rethink that when he’s a teenager.

we are born with 350 bones, but die with only 206? That’s probably what causes us to shrink when we get older.

elephants are pregnant for 2 years? WHAT?!

…about 200 babies are born worldwide every minute? Well, except for my grandboy.

…if my grandboy decided to be born today, he would share a birthday with Billie Jean King?

…the platypus is one of five mammals that lay eggs?

…only 5% of babies are born on their due date? Which is today, little guy, in case you’ve forgotten!

…female giraffes give birth standing up? Um, no thank you!

…humans are the only mammals that raise their offspring for up to 20 years? The sooner you charge them rent, the sooner they leave.

Maybe if the little guy knew what kind of personality traits he would have, were he to be born today, it would help in his decision making process. Here you go, lil buddy, I think you should go for it!

If You Were Born Today, November 22: You are headstrong yet warm and playful. Very active, you don't like to feel caged in by anyone or anything! You carve your own unique path in life, playing by the rules when necessary, but refusing to give up your individuality in the process. Although ambitious in many ways, you don't feel the need to play games in order to win approval. Straightforwardness is important to you, but you are not an open book either. Your opinions are as strong as your will and determination.

P.S. Based on that description, you sound a lot like your Daddy.

I’ll be waiting!

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