Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And still we wait…

For those of you wonderful readers who have been checking in daily to see if the grandboy has come, no, he is not here yet. However! He is in the process of making his entrance just this very moment. The Marine and Sunshine have been at the hospital all night, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

While we are waiting for the arrival of the little prince, let me tell you how awful my dogs were yesterday. Oh, they were just so bad. I shouldn’t say they, because in all honesty, it was just one. This one…


Don’t let that innocent look fool you. She was full of mayhem yesterday.

She started by pulling a fried chicken leg off the counter and dragging it around a little bit before eating most of it. After that, both dogs kept getting under my feet in the kitchen as I was making pies, trying to get any miniscule bit of chicken coating, so I put them on their pillows at the edge of the kitchen, before one of them killed me.


Then, the chicken stealing dog continued to run outside in the rain to keep the birds off the birdfeeders, tracking mud all though my white floored kitchen on the way back to her pillow. it wasn’t until I was finished with the pies, that I noticed it. Of course, with muddy paw prints goes a muddy dog. Guess who had to give both dogs a bath in the sparkly clean bathroom? Whilst giving them a bath, the sprayer fell out of my hand and attacked the whole bathroom, myself included.

Do I need to remind you I have a houseful of guests arriving in 3 hours?

You may think she was finished with all her naughtiness, but you would be wrong. After getting everything cleaned up (again), I set about making some appetizers for the in-laws, since I knew they would be hungry from being on the train for so long.

I made my now famous stuffed jalapenos, chex mix and a cheese and sausage platter. I even shared a smidge hunk of my good Italian dried sausage.

Guess who else likes good Italian dried sausage? And guess who, when she was done with all the Italian sausage on that side of the plate, then started pulling slices of cheese off onto the floor?

Zoe’s getting nuttin for Christmas,
cuz she ain’t been nuttin but bad.

All this within half an hour of when company is to walk through the door. I’m thinking she has a lot to be thankful for tomorrow. No, Zoe, you cannot be thankful for how tall you are when you’re on your hind legs, nor for how long your tongue is! She should be thankful she’s not homeless, that’s what. All it’s takes is a cardboard box with the word FREE on it!

Check back later today when I make the big announcement of my grandboy’s arrival! Until then, good thoughts for Marine and Sunshine, as their life begins to change, forever.

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