Monday, October 31, 2011

Leaf peeping and snow creeping…

Dear Mother Nature,

I’m not sure who put you in charge of the weather, as well as mood swings, but I would seriously like to speak to him, because you are obviously mucking it up.

Scorching heat, hurricanes, earthquakes (all in one week!) and now, now you’ve gone and brought snow. Really? was it necessary to bring into my life yet another nuisance? Menopause didn’t give you enough grins and giggles?

My husband and I took a leisurely road trip through the beauty of Virginia to see the fall colors, which I will admit you do with panache, when we decided to see another one of your beauties, the Appalachian Trail via Skyline Drive. When we got there, it was closed because you fricken SNOWED on it!!   In O.C.T.O.B.E.R.!


What the hell, man?

Lucky for you, Skyline drive is also in the middle of Virginia wine country (don’t even try to tell me that is your doing, because I think Dionysus would heartily disagree) so we made a right instead of a left and ended up in a lovely winery, and all was right in our world.

IMG_2364   IMG_2365


For now.

I know we have had our quarrels in the past, but this goes beyond menstrual cramps, midlife acne and menopausal weight gain (don’t even get me started). This is just messing with the natural order of things. Haven’t you heard the song White Christmas? That is when it’s supposed to snow. Not on Halloween! Duh.

Seriously. You need some in-service training on the ways and hows of the four seasons. They are individual, not interchangeable.


Dawn in DC 
(Which is south of the Mason-Dixon line, in case you have forgotten.
The south has always been considered a no-snow zone. I’m just sayin’)

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