Friday, September 16, 2011

The one where Dawn tries to catch the thoughts as they fly out of her head…

For those of you over a certain age, you know that holding onto a thought for more than a few moments gets harder and harder. Add hormonal changes (i.e. menopause) and it’s a wonder I can get through the day. I walk from one room to the next and forget what I went in there for. I open the dishwasher and forget if I was putting dishes in, or taking them out. Don’t get me started on why I think just because I have something in my hand, it must belong in the refrigerator.

Here are some fleeting thoughts I’ve had recently. I know this because I wrote them down.

When did babies come to need so much stuff? When I had my babies, a crib, an umbrella stroller, and a high chair were all we needed. Okay, I get the safety thing with the car seats and all, but let me tell you, I raised three kids without a diaper genie, bears with womb-making sounds (which might have been nice because all my babies heard in the womb was acid reflux), or a shopping cart seat cover. I think every Grandma can recall when her own babies chewed on the shopping cart handle. At the time, I didn’t think much about it, except to wipe the drool off when it got too slimy for me to push the cart. Anyway, that hasn’t stopped me from buying all this stuff for my grandbabies. I was just wondering when it happened that they needed it all. One more question, what the hell is a boppy pillow and how did my kids ever survive without one?

At what temperature does it snow? I am not a fan of snow (duh) and for the last couple of years in Austin, we had a little bit of snow. And I mean just a little. Enough to be funny and mess with Dawn, but not really snowfall. But here? Here they get snowfall. They may tell you that DC typically doesn’t get a lot of snow, but let me remind you of this, the average snowfall is 15 inches. 15! That is over a foot of snow. Let me also remind you that last winter, the Reagan National Airport (which is about 4 miles from my house) reported a record breaking 54.9 inches of snow. That is 5 feet, my friends. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. Yeah…that is a lot of damn snow.

For all my peeps in Texas, close your eyes for a minute.

Today, the temperature is going to be 65°. 
Right now, it is 50° and it feels really cold out there. Cold enough to snow. That’s why I asked.

Okay, you can open your eyes now.

CGMan and I were shopping the other day for a sweater. While we were there, I noticed these odd funky looking things. Some where furry and some were colorful, some had long handles and others had snaps. I had no idea what they were for. My upbringing in Southern California did not lend any insight as to what they could be. CGMan, however, comes from Ohio, where they have snow. Lots of it. He informed me these strange things were for the cold weather, to keep you warm. Oh.

Well, maybe I need one then…


…because who doesn’t love attractive and functional?

Speaking of shopping and malls, what happened to all the malls? Granted, I’m not much of a mall person, but there was a really nice one in Austin that we would venture into from time to time. When we were on the hunt for a sweater yesterday, we headed to one of the malls in the area that had a JCPenney. When we got there, that’s pretty much all it had. The two anchor stores were still there, but inside the mall, it was walled up from one end to the other with only a smattering of jewelry stores and a Clark’s Shoes. It reminded me of the original Dawn of the Dead. Where does one shop in the city, then, if there is no mall? I’m sure Zadge will remind me about the Pentagon Mall but I’m afraid I might break something in there. (read: JCPenny budget for me)

Does anyone watch How I Met Your Mother? As soon as I got on the subject of the mall, this has been going on in my head. Lordy.

Okay, now on my list of things not to forget, is a trip to the store to pick up some road food because guess what? I’m going on a road trip next week with CGBro! We are going to Kentucky to pick up some furniture he inherited. We’re also going to see some family and stop to check on our mom. I know that sounds weird, but he and I both felt the need to visit her before winter sets in. I miss her.

Okay, I’m off to tackle my haphazard to-do list. Have a great weekend!

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