Monday, August 29, 2011

What a week it was!…

How many times in your lifetime can you say you’ve experienced TWO natural disasters in ONE WEEK? I hope to never say it again.

With the help of my awesome hurricane preparedness kit, we managed Irene’s visit with no ill effects. I sent the dogs to higher ground,

and we settled in.
Sort of.
Because I had never been in a hurricane before, I had therefore never been to a hurricane party! So we ventured into the city to hang with our friends. We stayed for a couple of hours, listening to the East Coasters and the retired Coasties talk about hurricanes past. Luckily, Irene held back until the middle of the night, so we were able to get home safely, with only rain to worry about.

The next morning, after listening to the winds lash at the house for most of the night, I went outside to check for any destruction. Luckily, the only damage I noticed was the Ohio State grill cover had blown completely off the grill and was flung out into the yard. Hardly worth noting, in my opinion, but CGMan took it as a personal insult from Mother Nature. “The Nuts get no respect” he lamented, as he carefully covered the grill and straightened the logo just so. 

Well. I guess Mother Nature really is a bitch.

Let’s try not to piss her off anymore, m’kay?

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