Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What the hell Wednesday…earthquake?!

I felt the earth move yesterday, and not in the good way.

Washington, DC had an earthquake. That’s right. A fricken earthquake!

Now, I’m no geologist or anything, but earthquakes aren’t from around here, right? That’s a California phenomenon. Like Hollywood and San Francisco. Those things belong in California. People are used to them and know how to deal with the craziness. Here? Not so much.

I lived in California as a young girl and felt only one small earthquake. It was in the night and I felt my bed rock a little bit and that was it. Back to sleep.

This? This was scary. And it was loud. I didn’t know earthquakes made so much noise. At first I thought it was just a plane coming in low. Really, really low. But the noise didn’t stop, it just continued on and on. Then I felt the house move.

I waited for a second, thinking I had vertigo (you know, from all the eyeball exercise I was doing at the computer). It felt jiggly at first, then it started to roll from side to side. That’s when I got up from my desk, still trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

In California, one might have figured out right quick that it was an earthquake. But we don’t have earthquakes here. We have the capital of the nation. That being said, one of my first thoughts was… bomb? What does a bomb sound like? Feel like? OMG, is this a bomb?!

As I rounded the corner, looking for the dogs, who were now running in from outside, I saw the dishes in the china cabinet sloshing around and the chandelier swinging back and forth. That’s when my mind realized this is an earthquake, you idiot!

Okay, I’ve figured out it’s an earthquake…now what? The dogs were looking at me like, “what we do, Mom?” and me, well I had no flippin clue. I quickly thought bathroom and then realized, nope, that’s for tornadoes. I. could. not. remember.

And then it stopped. Just like that.

I looked down at the girls and said, why didn’t you let me know an earthquake was coming?? They were like, Mom. We from Texas. Duh.

At that point, I kind of felt like crying because I was so shook up. I realized the whole thing took about a minute. But it was the longest minute of my life. And I was scared. I don’t remember ever being scared like that.

Thankfully nothing was damaged and no one was hurt at my house. There was a bit of damage in DC and surrounding areas, but nothing major.

Now I can say I am an earthquake survivor. Let me tell you something…that was NOT on my bucket list.

In other news, guess what?

We are expected to be hit by Hurricane Irene over the weekend.

Dawn in DC, experiencing natural disasters since 2011.

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