Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chef Dawn en’Deezeé…

Oh boy, did I have some fun last night!

I know this delicacy is not for everyone, but it is a favorite for me and CGMan. One of our first fancy dates was to a French restaurant, where he introduced me to fine dining. It’s easy to see how he won my heart. No dates to Outback for this guy. Anyway, I had never been to a French restaurant before, so was excited to try anything and everything. I loved it all!

From then on, when we see these on the menu, we order some to rekindle the fond memories of our courtship. The best ones we’ve ever had were on our recent trip to New York. We had an early dinner at a French restaurant (which I totally cannot remember the name). I tell you, the French makes these better than anyone.

Last night, I decided it was time to try to make them myself. I was nervous, but I gave it a go.




Do you know, CGMan and Photog Craig, who were keeping me company as I made faces trying to put these together without touching them, were so excited about this evening’s appetizer, that neither took a picture when they came out of the oven? They just dove right in, making all kinds of yummy humming noises. Let me tell you, they were beautiful! Buttery and very garlicky. Mm MMM!

Maybe not as good as the ones in the French restaurant in New York City, but ever so much better than these in Abu Dhabi!

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