Monday, July 11, 2011

Run, run, run awaaaaay…

One of our favorite things to do, CGMan and me (I?), is to run away from home. I know, sounds weird, doesn’t it? But listen, how many times have you woken up on a Saturday morning and really did not want to do laundry/pick up poop/mow the grass/fix the toilet/argue with the kids? Oh, the list can go on and on. Here is the answer: run away from home.

I don’t mean run away and never come back. That would be wrong. Someone has to raise your children, right? But if your kids are all grown up, then it’s probably okay.

Saturday morning CGMan made the coffee and said to me, “Let’s run away from home” and before he got the words out of his mouth, I was on the phone to the dog hotel, because when you run away from home, you do NOT take your responsibilities with you. Duh. I posted ROAD TRIP! on my Facebook page and away we went.

Where? you might ask. Well, we didn’t know where, because we hadn’t gotten there yet. That is the best part of an impromptu road trip, just hitting the highway and seeing there the wind takes you. One time, the wind took us all through the state of Louisiana. The whole thing. Took us three days. Another time it took us to the border of Mexico. One of our first trips, when we were courting, was to see how many states we could hit on one overnight trip. The answer? Five.

We loaded up a change of clothes and clean undies, because we’re grownups, not hippies, and headed out of the DC area. Technically, that’s not hard to do. Pretty much 10 miles in any direction will do the trick. We wanted up north and out of the city, so we headed to the Poconos!

Neither of us had ever been there before, which is always a bonus on any given road trip. We also wanted to see what all the honeymoon hubbub was about. Champagne glass Jacuzzis and all that. Now be honest, isn’t that what you think of when you hear Poconos?


After a morning filled trying to bypass toll roads, we finally made it. It is beautiful there. If you’re into camping, this seems to be a great place with tons of camp grounds. Oh, and it was many degrees cooler up there than in the city. Nice!

I guess I thought every hotel would have champagne hot tubs. I mean, it’s the Poconos, right? No so much if you are regular people on a regular budget. I guess I also thought it was some sort of secret place. Not the place where from New Jersey comes to spend the summer.


Actually, I have to thank the people who couldn’t make the “Smith” wedding at the last minute, otherwise we would not have gotten a room in the Poconos at all, much less the Presidential suite with it’s regular Jacuzzi tub.

On our way home the next day, we took a different route, which led us through some more beautiful PA countryside and possibilities for our next adventure. It also took us past The World’s Largest General Store. Of course we stopped! Have you met me?


Oh there was much to see in this big ole place. With all the money we saved not bathing in a champagne glass, we could afford to get our grandbabies one of these:


Or one of these! What little boy doesn’t like dinosaurs or pirates?

IMG_0873 IMG_0874

This place had everything! Even the kitchen sink (which I did not get a picture of. just trust me). It’s a hardware store, furniture store, fudge shop, movie prop shop, nursery, pet store and town hall. I had a little town hall meeting while I was there.


You could buy puppies, fish, kittens and fowl at this store!


Do you think CGMan would spring for a chicken? (Bah! I crack myself up!) No. Even after I gave him a popcorn machine for his birthday. Humpf. So much for omelets every morning for breakfast.

In the petting zoo, you could feed the goats, piglets and ducks. Oh, this is my kind of place, for sure.

IMG_0876  IMG_0881IMG_0877

If you ever find yourself on the back roads of PA, make sure you stop in. They will have something you want. I guarantee it.

With a stop in Gettysburg for lunch, we made it back in time to get the dogs from camp and relax in our La-Z-Boys, feeling like we’d been gone for a week.

And like the end of any good vacation, even a mini one, now it’s time to get the laundry done.

P.S. My favorite quote from the whole trip?
“It sucks to have to pay to drive on a road when I can’t go as fast as I want.”

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