Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday musings…

…why does the cookie dough taste so much better than the baked cookie? And if it hasn’t been baked, it has no calories, right? That must be why they put the dough in ice cream, because the dough tastes better and it helps keep down the calories. Sa-weet.

…why do dogs sit at the door, asking to go out into the cold, only to run over and drink the water out of the nasty, dirty, poop filled birdbath rather than the clean water that is right in the nice, warm kitchen?

…why do people mangle our National Anthem by doing that thing where they hang every note and do that up and down thing with their voices?

…don’t even get me started on messing up the words. Okay, too late. Hello! Do not even tell me you, the superstar, who has traveled the world singing in front of billions of people, was nervous. I am totally not buying it. It’s what you do for a living! You were so busy doing that trilly thing with your voice (which wasn’t that good) and making “I’m trying so hard not to fart” faces, that you forgot the words. My BFF in Calgary knows all the words, for crying out loud! My thought is, if you mess up the National Anthem, you should be deported. Oh, what? We can’t deport you, because you were born here? Then you should know the words to YOUR national anthem!!

I think the Glee girl would have rocked it.

…I believe this goes to prove that just because you are a superstar, doesn’t mean you can actually sing.

…CGMan and I call dibs on hosting next year’s Super Bowl party. When we lived in MD, we held it every year, complete with 6 foot sub. Tell me, how can it be a super bowl party without a submarine sandwich the size of an actual submarine?

…oh, and I’ll make cookie dough.

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