Friday, January 14, 2011

To market, to market …


Now that I have packed away all the inviting things, the warm things, the personal things, our house is finally on the market. Today.

Let me tell you, it was not easy.

While I understand the need to make the house look pretty for potential buyers and even impersonal so they can picture their own things in the house, it was still hard to go from Dawn’s house to this regular ole house that is for sale.

It was quickly apparent that some of the décor (read: cows) were going to have to go. So with a heavy heart, I took down all the cows. I retired some that needed retiring and packed the others away for the trip to the new house. Not to worry, I did not retire the ugly cow.

After that, I cleared off the kitchen counters except for the most important of items- coffee maker, cooking utensils and dog treats. Although, I did remove the treats from the big, plastic, paw print covered canisters and put them in pretty red ceramic canisters.

I cleaned out some of the cupboards in the kitchen, of which there are a lot. Know what I noticed? We have more wine glasses than Napa Valley. So I packed up 3762643 wine glasses and left a respectable 8 in the cupboard. No need to have potential buyers think we’re a couple of winos. We are, but they don’t need to know that.

Since I was on a roll, I cleaned out from under the sinks in the bathroom. I’m hoping no one looks under there, but if they do, they will no longer see my collection of wrinkle creams that simply do not make me look 25 years old, extra boxes of my natural hair color, and various bottles of lotions that don’t firm, don’t tighten and don’t wipe away cellulite. And a couple that will turn you a nice shade of Hook ‘em Horns Burnt Orange.

I had CGMan clean out from under his sink before he left. It’s a good thing I double checked that. Do you know I found another bag of bath puffies? He must have had some hidden in the move from Abu Dhabi. He stores up cans of deodorant and body spray. After finding 3 cans of Tinactin, I’m wondering if the man shouldn’t see a doctor or something. I mean really? How itchy are his feet? I honestly had a dream the other night that we were on that hoarder show because of him.

I cleaned and dusted and washed and straightened. And now I am done. The house is still beautiful, but it is no longer my house. My house is packed away in boxes in the garage, waiting to come out and help me with our new house.

After one day of self pity and woe is me, I realized life is not about a house. It’s about being together, no matter where. There will be other houses. Now that I’ve come to that realization, I’m ready to move on.

So. There you go.

Anyone want to buy a slightly used, cowless house?

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