Friday, December 31, 2010

Be the change that you want to see…

Here it is, the last day of 2010.

At the beginning of this year, I was preparing to pack up house and hounds to move to the Middle East to be with my husband. I must say, I was excited, because I know for a fact it never snows in the desert. It also never rains, but whatever.

Unfortunately, the work, like the slugs on the sidewalks, dried up. CGMan was coming home! But not before we had another excellent adventure, this time in Egypt. We rode camels, saw pyramids, swam in the Red Sea and lived through a sham ’al.

Once back in the good ole U.S. of A., we worked on getting to know each other again. We started dating, if you will. We took day trips, and road trips, went to the movies and and out to dinner. It has been a glorious 9 months! I must say, I really like dating when we don’t have to go to Chuck E. Cheese, which is what happens when you date a woman with three children. 

We also went about the task of finding a job for CGMan right here in Austin. Well, that turned out to be a little less fun than dating a premenopausal woman with two spoiled dogs. The job market in Austin just didn’t have anything for this retired Coastie. It just wasn’t supposed to happen, I guess.

I am thankful that CGMan has indeed found a job that I know he will enjoy. Not so thankful that it is in a place that snows. Regularly. I find it terribly ironic that I started this year preparing to live in saris and sandals and now, a mere 10 months later, am having to buy wool socks and ear muffs.

Well, life is nothing, if not unpredictable.

So I go forth into 2011 with the same schedule of moving house and hounds to be with my far away husband. Maybe not to as exciting a place as Abu Dhabi, but I’m sure Washington, DC has its intriguing places, as well. It will be my adventure to seek them out.

We are wishing wonderful things for all of you in the New Year!

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