Thursday, October 14, 2010

Writer’s block is the greatest side effect of boredom…

Sometimes the words just won’t come. We’ve all had it, writer’s block, brain fart or what have you. Usually, on those days I amuse you with pictures of my dogs. Sometimes, I make a “Do you know…?” list. Those are always fun. As you can see, I’ve done both of those this week. Yeah, major brain farts going on here in Austin.

CGMan and I have been dieting, so I have no good recipes to share with you. Because let’s face it, how exciting is dinner with no appetizers, no bread, no dipping sauce, no cheese sauce over the veggies and no dessert? I’ll tell you…not very! Sharing recipes of baked fish (sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning) and steamed broccoli (steam until tender) is just not as exciting as recipes for buckeyes, tiered cheese and chicken pot pie. 

Speaking of yummy appetizers, the annual Halloween party is next week. I’m having a tough time finding something to make that is as noteworthy as the eyeball cupcakes from last year. And no, I can’t make those again because now everyone knows there’s an eyeball inside! I have a couple of ideas, but would welcome any others. Share with me any treats you’ve made for Halloween. Not too gory, though, we’re not that kind of Halloween party. We also have our costumes organized. You’ll have to wait, though, because that will be a post of its own.

CGMan hasn’t suffered any ill effects from having his wisdom teeth pulled. He was eating that night (against doctor’s advice, I might add) and even went to the gym yesterday (also against doctor’s advice!) The gym thing didn’t work out so well for him, though, so he just took it easy for the rest of the day. Thank you all for your well wishes for him.

Since I don’t really have anything to talk about today, I’ll end with some burning questions that have been plaguing me:

Why do dogs roll on dead crickets?
Why is it men some people can put a dish in the sink, but not the dishwasher?
Why don’t children call their mothers every day more often?
How is it that dogs never step in dog poop?
Did Adam & Eve have a belly button?
Why is it that anyone who is driving faster than CGMan is an idiot and anyone driving slower than him is a moron?

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