Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project Bandana: complete…

After a jerky start, I finally finshed the dog scarf project. For now. Because they are so dadgum cute, I going to have to make more! This was really a fun project (and a lot easier than painting a room!) The girls were good sports about it. You know, all the dieting, and fittings and adjustments and stuff. It was hard work for them. <insert snort of derision here>

measure under the wrinkles




First, I had to take neck measurements…



much tinkering with sizes


Then I made a “pattern” for each dog, seeing as how they’re different sized and won’t be able to share clothes.

Just like any sisters, what one had, the other had to have as well. I made sure I had enough fabric for two of everything.



I know there's no fabric!



Once I finally got matching thread, I sewed fronts to backs, turned them inside out and pressed them flat. Some have trim, while others are cute enough without it. I put snap closures because velcro gets dirty and won’t stick.



I cannot live on celery!



In the meanwhile, my model fell-out due to starvation. It’s a tough life, being a supermodel.




where to begin?



The hard “work” paid off in the end, as we turned this pile of brightly colored fabrics into…




bandana bonanza



….bold fashion statements for dogs!





swimsuit model -sort of  Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I am a girl!


They are all set for Halloween and Christmas. We still have all the holidays for the next year, yet to do.
I’m thinking my grandcats might need some scarves, too. Oh yeah, I’m on a roll!

We would like to thank Juice over at All Things Juice for the inspiration.

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