Friday, October 29, 2010

There’s no bones about it….

I’m going to leave October behind with one last Halloween recipe. It’s a quick and easy recipe and actually looks quite nice next to Mr. Meathead.


I called these Dead Vampire Bones because they were very garlicky.

Let’s get our two whole ingredients ready:


One tube of Pillsbury garlic breadsticks will make 16 bones. Open the tube and unroll the dough. Is there anyone who actually inserts a spoon in the seam, like it says on the instructions? Because I was raised to just smack it on the counter. When I was a kid, I loved that sound, because I knew my mom was makin’ biscuits for breakfast!


Cut the dough in half, unless you’re making life sized femur bones. Separate each of the bread sticks and then make a slit in each end. Take the slits and roll into balls.


Place on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle with coarse salt, then bake at 350° for about 12 minutes. I found them to be perfectly garlicky, but if you are really scared of vampires crave more, sprinkle with garlic powder before baking.


There you have it! It doesn’t get any easier than this. They’re prefect for just munching as you hand out candy or as a yummy dipper, with some bloody marinara sauce, at your Halloween party.


Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I prefer the folly of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom…

As most of you know, I live for Christmas. Not the shopping and commercialism of Christmas, but rather the decorating, cookie baking, and carol singing of Christmas. I drive poor CGMan to distraction every year. In my defense, it’s not my fault the stores whet my appetite for Christmas by bringing out all the shiny new decorations in October!

Last year, CGMan was away on the other side of the world, so I had the run of the calendar when it came to Christmas. This year, I was already starting to mention this and that regarding Christmas, when I noticed that look in his eye. That look that says, “For the love of Pete! We haven’t even bought the Halloween candy yet!”  He steadfastly refused to look at all the new decorations at Costco. In fact, he commanded suggested that I not travel down any of the Christmas aisles until after October 31.

So we made a deal. I wouldn’t go nuts on him in October and he wouldn’t hold my manger scene hostage.

Well, guess what? He is out of town until late Sunday night, which is October 31!!  I thought about freaking him out and having the house all decorated for Christmas by the time he gets back. But I don’t know where he hid my manger scene, so I thought I better go easy on him at first. While it really is a little early for baking cookies and decorating, that doesn’t mean I can’t get my Christmas dishes down. I have my Christmas playlist on my iPod and my iPhone, so can be ready with a carol at a moment’s notice.

I tell you this as a warning. I am a fool for Christmas. Please don’t divorce me.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday…The Iconic Edition


This is an icon…

heisman-trophy   IMG_4488

An icon is something everyone recognizes.



Some icons are older than others.
It would seem only people older than me and CGMan, of which there were none at this party, really know about this icon…


Alfred Eisenstaedt - V-Day_jpg

I had to tell them, this is an icon, this is history!



This? Maybe not so much…



Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes a meathead is just that…

Have I got a recipe for you! For the annual Halloween party, I made this little number and let me tell you…he was a hit! Yes, I said he.

Meet Meathead!


Want to learn how to make him? It’s easy and fun. Okay, let’s grab the ingredients…


Alas! Poor Yorick! I knew him as a fellow of infinite jest…”

First you will need a skull. I found a lot of foam ones, but held out until I found a plastic one. He’s more life sized and shaped than the foam ones.


You’ll need about a pound and a half of thinly sliced ham and some cream cheese. I used the whipped kind because it spreads easier.


First you’ll want to wash your skull. Be careful not to get soap in his eyes. Oh wait. Nevermind.


Now take the cream cheese and spread it all over the skull. Just like frosting a cupcake. Well, except it’s a skull. There is another thing you can do, if you want to give your meathead a more gory look. Make some red Jell-O (jiggler or finger style) very thin on a cookie sheet. Cut small pieces and place over the skull in place of the cream cheese.


Cut the ham into wide strips and start placing it all over the skull. The cream cheese helps it stick. I did a lot of crisscross, too.


Layer it on nice and thick! Especially around the top of the skull, where people will be pulling it off.


I used two mozzarella balls for the eyes, with little dried cranberries for the pupils. You could use olive slices, too. (My olives were too big). You could also use big pearl onions, for a more translucent look.


Now wrap him in plastic wrap and put in the fridge to scare the crap out of your kids until you’re ready to bring him out for the party.


Place him on a tray with lettuce for garnish. I added more meat and cheeses and had a basket of rolls next to him. The guests had a lot of fun making little sammies with his “skin”.

Man! I hate it when no one tells you have a lil sumthin in your teeth, right there.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did you know…?

…over 90% of all cases never come before a jury, because they are plea bargained, settled or tried before a judge?

…that my first foray into civic duty was halted due to a plea deal?

…that I didn’t find that out until I got dressed, put on my make-up and drove all the way downtown?

…they won’t let you go the next courtroom to try to get on that jury?



Monday, October 18, 2010

Pick me, pick me!!…

I am off for my first ever jury duty today. I received a letter saying I have not actually been chosen for the jury, I’m just to show up for the selection process. Damn, but this reminds me of picking teams in sixth grade…I was always picked last, standing there trying to look nonchalant and not all that eager, when inside I was screaming “Me! me! mememememe!”. You know, I’m pretty sure it showed. Nothing like having the overeager underachiever on your team, eh? Yes, I was horrible at athletics even as a child. But at least I had enthusiasm back then. Now I just have sarcasm.

What I’m trying to say is, I hope I get picked for the jury. I hope I can sit still and look bored like every one else. Not wiggle around in my seat, trying to get the attention of the lawyer so I can whisper, “Me! Pick me!”  as I am pretty sure that is not proper courtroom etiquette.

As I was doing my jury research online, I came across this little gem….



Yes, your honor, I am ready to serve on this jury. Please, pick me!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pardon the inconvenience….

Apparently, my countdown to Christmas has been causing some problems beyond just the regular, ohmygodit’salmostChtristmas! So I have removed it. I will just have to remind you, each time I post, how many cookie baking days there are left until Santa gets here.

If you had problems leaving a comment, it should be all better now, so try again. I really do love to hear from you.

Cancer is a word, not a sentence…

October is breast cancer awareness month. It would be hard to miss the pink that is popping up everywhere, even on the NFL! I was tickled, well…pink, when I saw the first Monday night football game and all those big, brawny football players sporting their neon pink accessories.

For those of you have joined us recently, my ORMom was a warrior last year as she battled breast cancer. She is a fighter and a survivor. I would have given anything if she hadn’t had to go through what she did. I will say this, it sure opened my eyes.

There are so many ways to help spread the word and support breast cancer awareness. There are walks, and runs and volunteer positions available in every major city in the U.S. You can donate through the Komen for the Cure website. One of the most important things you can do is learn about this terrible disease.

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website is a valuable tool for resources and information on how you can help. One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. The other seven will know somebody who has breast cancer. It touches everyone.

During the month of October, it is so easy to be a part of finding the cure. Major companies donate proceeds to breast cancer research with every purchase of their products. Products that we use every day. Here are just a few examples:

 chips bubblewrap batteries bracelets flowers foilIMG_0502 IMG_0500

We all know I’m no athlete, but I am a shopper. While I might not sign up for a 5k run to help find a cure, I can sure shop to find a one. If you just take a look around the next time you’re at the grocery store or Walmart, you’ll see all the ways you can help. If it has a pink ribbon on it, you’re fighting the fight.

Spread the word. Remind everyone to shop pink!

If you’re interested in finding some great pink ribbon products for you or your favorite warrior, The Komen site donates 25% of each purchase to Komen for the Cure. They have some really awesome things. It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping! Check it out here.


pink ribbon flowers

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” – Christopher Reeve


P.S. Don’t forget to click on the pink ribbon, up there on the right, to help provide free mammograms. It’s free and just takes a click.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Writer’s block is the greatest side effect of boredom…

Sometimes the words just won’t come. We’ve all had it, writer’s block, brain fart or what have you. Usually, on those days I amuse you with pictures of my dogs. Sometimes, I make a “Do you know…?” list. Those are always fun. As you can see, I’ve done both of those this week. Yeah, major brain farts going on here in Austin.

CGMan and I have been dieting, so I have no good recipes to share with you. Because let’s face it, how exciting is dinner with no appetizers, no bread, no dipping sauce, no cheese sauce over the veggies and no dessert? I’ll tell you…not very! Sharing recipes of baked fish (sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning) and steamed broccoli (steam until tender) is just not as exciting as recipes for buckeyes, tiered cheese and chicken pot pie. 

Speaking of yummy appetizers, the annual Halloween party is next week. I’m having a tough time finding something to make that is as noteworthy as the eyeball cupcakes from last year. And no, I can’t make those again because now everyone knows there’s an eyeball inside! I have a couple of ideas, but would welcome any others. Share with me any treats you’ve made for Halloween. Not too gory, though, we’re not that kind of Halloween party. We also have our costumes organized. You’ll have to wait, though, because that will be a post of its own.

CGMan hasn’t suffered any ill effects from having his wisdom teeth pulled. He was eating that night (against doctor’s advice, I might add) and even went to the gym yesterday (also against doctor’s advice!) The gym thing didn’t work out so well for him, though, so he just took it easy for the rest of the day. Thank you all for your well wishes for him.

Since I don’t really have anything to talk about today, I’ll end with some burning questions that have been plaguing me:

Why do dogs roll on dead crickets?
Why is it men some people can put a dish in the sink, but not the dishwasher?
Why don’t children call their mothers every day more often?
How is it that dogs never step in dog poop?
Did Adam & Eve have a belly button?
Why is it that anyone who is driving faster than CGMan is an idiot and anyone driving slower than him is a moron?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project Bandana: complete…

After a jerky start, I finally finshed the dog scarf project. For now. Because they are so dadgum cute, I going to have to make more! This was really a fun project (and a lot easier than painting a room!) The girls were good sports about it. You know, all the dieting, and fittings and adjustments and stuff. It was hard work for them. <insert snort of derision here>

measure under the wrinkles




First, I had to take neck measurements…



much tinkering with sizes


Then I made a “pattern” for each dog, seeing as how they’re different sized and won’t be able to share clothes.

Just like any sisters, what one had, the other had to have as well. I made sure I had enough fabric for two of everything.



I know there's no fabric!



Once I finally got matching thread, I sewed fronts to backs, turned them inside out and pressed them flat. Some have trim, while others are cute enough without it. I put snap closures because velcro gets dirty and won’t stick.



I cannot live on celery!



In the meanwhile, my model fell-out due to starvation. It’s a tough life, being a supermodel.




where to begin?



The hard “work” paid off in the end, as we turned this pile of brightly colored fabrics into…




bandana bonanza



….bold fashion statements for dogs!





swimsuit model -sort of  Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I am a girl!


They are all set for Halloween and Christmas. We still have all the holidays for the next year, yet to do.
I’m thinking my grandcats might need some scarves, too. Oh yeah, I’m on a roll!

We would like to thank Juice over at All Things Juice for the inspiration.

Wordless Wednesday…with some words…

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