Monday, July 12, 2010

Home again, jiggity-jig…

Oh! It’s so good to be home!  I love road trips (I may have mentioned that before) and I think the reason is, besides being like a dog and wanting to go for a ride in the car, coming home. It just feels so good to come home.

This is only the second road trip for the girls. A couple of years ago, I drove them to Florida, by myself. They were younger then, so I put them in portable kennels. This time, they got to ride in the back seat. They were so good! They didn’t fight or argue or touch each other. We never once had to threaten to pull the car over. There was almost no moaning, groaning and “are we there yet”s?

 are we there yet??

Because we’re grown-ups now and are never in a hurry to get anywhere, we stop for the night before dark, which coincides nicely with happy hour. It was fun having the dogs in the hotel. They get to do all the stuff they’re not allowed to do at home, like jump on the bed. It was nice having them sleep with us, too. For the first ten minutes. At first, I was all, “We should let them sleep with us. See? Isn’t this nice?”  It was only five minutes later that I was reminded why we don’t let them sleep with us. A) they are both more bed hogs than snugglers, B) Phoebe snores. Loudly. and C) does the name Farty McFarterson ring a bell? Yeah.

more hog than dog

We had a great time in Florida, even though it rained every day. Did you know Phoebe was born in Florida? Yep, I flew out to get her when she was just a 7 lb pup. Now look at her, all grown up and Texan! Phoebe spent some quality time with her grandparents, while Zoe made sure the squirrels stayed in the tree, where they belong.

granddog     watch dog

While we were there, because we’re all about keeping up with the Jones’ or in this case, the in-laws, we decided the time was nigh to get an RV. Listening to them talk about the trips they have planned with their new RV had us itching for one, too. It’s always been our retirement dream to tour the U.S. in a big RV. We’ve decided to get a smaller one for now and get the big one when CGMan retires for good. Between the two of us and the two dogs, I’m sure I’ll have no shortage of blog material.

How wonderful is my husband? Well, let me tell you. Not only did he do all the driving on this trip, pump all the gas AND take me to see my mother (who had yet to meet her grand-dogs), he changed our course miles out of the way, just so I could see something I had never seen before:

meet me in St Louis

That’s right, friends, we made an 11 state loop in ten days. I’m thinking Bossy doesn’t have anything on Iron Butt. Ooh! That just gave me an idea for when we get our RV! “Dawn’s Amazing Road Trip” I could travel around and visit my faithful readers! All nine of you.

That sounds like fun. Right, Phoebe?

when is dinner?

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