Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well planned wordless Wednesday…

You know what they say about the best laid plans…they often go awry.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing these last few days. Going awry. It all started with a pool.

If you watch the news, or read my blog from time to time, you know that in Texas right now, the temperatures are hovering somewhere around the point it takes to melt glass. It’s hot. Don’t even get me started on the humidity. I can’t even look out my windows right now, because they’re covered in condensation. My curly headed Girl should be glad she’s in Arizona now, where it’s hot and dry.

Because I love my dogs more than my kids so much, I decided to buy them a swimming pool. What better way for them to cool off, than having a wading pool right on the patio? Zoe loves to swim in the mucky pond near our house, so I thought she would enjoy having her own little pool in which to get wet. I just knew Phoebe would like to get wet and not have to wear her swimsuit. (In case you weren’t aware, bulldogs can’t swim)

The moment I brought it home, I had thoughts of Wordless Wednesday. Oh! Pictures of the girls frolicking in their very own swimming pool! Pictures of water fights and playing chicken. Pictures of cool dogs on hot days. I had it all planned out.

You see, I’m a Virgo. I have to plan out even spontaneous things, like dogs playing in the pool. I plan ahead.

The dogs? Are not Virgos.

Apparently they are not Pieces, either, because neither one of them are the least bit interested in that damn pool.

I have been out there with them every day, wading around in the pool, trying to entice them in. The water is only about 4 inches deep, so Phoebe doesn’t have to wear a life jacket. I have put the ball in it (Phoebe waited for it to float to the side, grabbed it and ran off) I have taken treats in with me, they wait by the side. I have put them in, only to have them leap right back out. (watching Phoebe leap is pretty hysterical) I reminded them, they would be famous if they would just let me get pictures of them in the pool to put on my blog.   Not. Interested.

I told them about all the homeless dogs who live at the shelter, and would love to have their own swimming pool on a hot day in Texas. How other dogs have to play in the sprinklers to cool off. I reminded them how lucky they are to have their very own pool.  Phoebe asked for another cookie.

Like I said, my plans have gone awry. And I am the proud owner of two thankless dogs.

It’s going to be hot today. I think I’ll sit in my pool.


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