Monday, May 24, 2010

Who replaced Dr. Spock?…

I saw something interesting the other day.

A woman was jogging, pushing one of those jogging strollers built for two kids. But that wasn’t what was so interesting. She was jogging along in the middle of the muggy, hot afternoon with only one kid in the stroller built for two kids. Again, not all that interesting.

It was the kid in the stroller that held my attention. Now, mind you, it’s been 20 years since I had a little one, so I might be off on the age, but I do know it was not an infant. This child looked to be about four years old. That alone was not all that interesting. The kid who looked to be about four years old had a pacifier in his mouth. Okay, still not that interesting? How about the fact that he’s holding a portable DVD player, so he can watch a movie while his mom is spending quality time jogging with him in the muggy, hot outdoors in the middle of the afternoon, in Texas?

If the child is young enough to have a pacifier, then he’s too young to be sporting a DVD player, because he should be an infant, right? Or if he is old enough to choose a suitable movie for jogging in the swelter that is Texas, then he is too old for a pacifier, yes?

I am so confused.

I used to love to ride my bike with a kid in a seat on the back. Apparently, they don’t use those bike seats anymore, as I never see them. They have probably been deemed dangerous, but somehow all three of mine managed to survive a bike ride with mom. Anyway, when I had the kids on the back of the bike, each in turn until they were too big, we talked and laughed and pointed at stuff. We bonded. Now when I see a parent on a bike with kids in tow, it is literally that. The bike towing a covered sidecar looking contraption with the kids zipped up in it.

And they are probably watching a DVD.

Parenting sure is different these days.

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