Friday, March 12, 2010

Dawn in Dubai…

 crackofdawn desertfog


When I arrived, it was Thursday night. I left Wednesday afternoon. It’s like some weird time warp thing. CGMan had a room for us right in Duabi, so I didn’t have to travel more to get home to Abu Dhabi. I pretty much hit the bed the minute we checked in. I wake up and it’s Friday. So really, where did Thursday go?

Today, it’s rest and recoup lost hours of my life. I’m talking serious jetlag when you lose a whole day. Tomorrow, leaving again on yet another jet plane. For the few of you who know where I’m going, shhhh! Let’s let it be a surprise for everyone else!

There will be no scooters, that is for sure!

Talk to you on Monday, when I’ll be Dawn in Whoknowswhere!

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