Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can spring be far away?…

Oh, spring is almost here! I love spring even more than Christmas, if you can believe that. I start getting itchy to plant flowers and make everything look pretty. If you haven’t noticed, I have little in the way of patience. When I’m ready for it to be Christmas, I just put up my tree. Like the day after Halloween. When I’m ready for it to be spring, I start planting flowers that may or may not be ready to put in the ground, and hope for the best.


Yesterday, I decided the birds needed a new bird feeder. The old one had hung from one of the big trees in the backyard for two years now and was starting to show its wear.


I headed off to WalMart (and yes, I do spend too much time in that store) for a new feeder and seed. When I got there, I couldn’t remember if I still had any fishing line left from when I hung the feeder two years ago. You know, I’m old and have that CRS disease, so I figure I had just better get some more.

For those of us who aren’t fishermen, let me tell you, there are 8372763 kinds of fishing line. I didn’t know which one to get that would hold a bird feeder with 5 pounds of seed in it. None of them had a picture on it, you know like “this will hold this size fish”. I know what a 5lb fish looks like. I selected two, one said it was 50lb line and the other said it was 15lbs line, but it said “Big Game.” Like I said, not a fisherman, but doesn’t the phrase “Big Game” bring to mind a fisherman strapped into a chair, battling with a huge marlin?


I went in search of some expert advice. Of course, I bypassed any Walmart employee because they are notorious for being in a section that is not theirs and therefore not knowing anything about the source of your question. I saw a group of men and wandered over. I asked one if he knew anything about fishing line. They all started laughing and pointing at each other. I had the feeling they were just caught playing hooky from work (to go fishing) and were tattling on each other.

I asked one of them about the difference in the lines, the 50lb and the 15lb. After he pointed to the 50lb, I asked why the other said “Big Game”. Then he started talking about blah blah the fight, blah blah, the amount of line out, blah blah blah. Then he asked if he lost me. I said, “Yes, because all I want to do is hang this bird feeder from a tree in my backyard.” That gave them a chuckle and they all pointed to the cheap 50lb line.

When I got home, I gathered my tools, brought out the good ladder instead of the step stool (this may not seem important, but trust me, it is) and headed into the backyard.


To be able to get the line over the branch of the tree, you need to tie some weight on it. Do not use the wrench. While this may seem like a really good idea because it has some heft to get up and over the branch, the chances of it coming down and hitting you square in the forehead are higher than you would think. Not that this happened to me or anything. Use the kong.

The reason for using the fishing line over a tree branch, is to keep the feeder far enough away from the tree so the squirrels can’t jump on it, and the line keeps them from shimmying down to it. (look at that, shimmying is a word, but not redownload. hunh)

Once you have the line around the tree branch, hang the feeder from it and then tie it up. Be sure to get a feeder that has a lift off top, as it is now secured to the line and you won’t be able to take it down. Just lift off the top to fill it. And now you have a pretty, squirrel proof, bird feeder that looks like it’s hanging in mid air.


Okay, I’m ready! Bring on the spring!

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