Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adventure vacations R us….

Now that we had spent a few days in Hurghada, snorkeling in the Red Sea, looking at temples and learning how to drink beer, it was time to head to Cairo for a couple of days. We had heard the Egyptian Museum was awesome and deserved a good amount of time. And, of course, the pyramids of Giza. Knowing we only had a limited amount of time, we booked the first flight out of Hurghada. The flight is only an hour, so we could have the rest of the day to explore the museum and Cairo.

As we left our room to check out, I noticed it was unusually windy. It had been windy for a couple of days prior, but this was different. I could hardly walk, it was blowing so hard. That’s when I noticed the sand. It was everywhere! From the room, it looked like fog or something, but it was sand. And that’s when I learned a new word; sham’al – big freakin’ sand storm.

As we got in the cab to go to the airport, for our one hour flight to Cairo, we asked the driver if he thought this would pass quickly. His answer? N’shallah (God willing)


Let me describe the airport for you, don’t worry, it won’t take long. Three check-in counters, walk through metal detector, seating for the two gates and one coffee shop/snack bar.

As you can imagine, our flight was delayed an hour. No big deal, we found a table in the snack bar/coffee shop and settled in to wait. It was only for an hour, right? N’shallah.

Apparently, God wasn’t all that willing because TEN HOURS, and one crime novel later, this is what we’re reduced to for entertainment in the airport:


How can you get stressed out when you’re hanging with a guy like this?

The other flights had already been sent back to hotels for the night. We did manage to get on the one and only flight to Cairo that day. We eventually made it to the hotel. At midnight! All I can say is thank goodness for 24 hour room service and a bottle of wine.

Tomorrow, we reconnect with our Chuck Norris loving Italian friends and visit the pyramids. And I ride a camel! Again!

On a side note, while we were twiddling our thumbs and playing with plastic spoons, we were receiving text messages about my brother and his wife, who were very busy this day:

Ella Jean

Welcome, little one!

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