Thursday, February 4, 2010

I blame Mother Nature and the White house …

The other day, I was reading one of my blogger buddies and how she was lamenting the fact that Whole Foods doesn’t have a store within an hour of her, so she’s forced to eat fattening, unhealthy, processed foods. Fake food, if you will. Her perceived weight issue  is now the whole fault of Whole Foods. 

Well, hell’s bells, if I had known we could blame somebody for that, I would have started this list years ago!

I place the blame for my weight issues on Mother Nature. She is the only one responsible for making a whole week of cold, rainy days. What is one supposed to do on rainy days? That’s right…eat. Any of my hobbies pretty much result in the same thing. Hobby #1 – baking; no one else here to eat what I bake. Hobby #2- reading….recipes, yeah, same deal, I have to eat it. And Hobby #3,  seeing what my KitchenAid can mix. Do you see the pattern here? These are all the things that keep me busy on rainy days. That and sitting in my recliner, eating said snacks, while watching the whole series of “Friends”.

There is another that  I blame for my weight issues. That would be the White House. Yes, I’m talking about the house where the President of the United States lives. I’ve seen it, it’s a beautiful house and all I can say it’s a good thing they have someone to clean it! Anyway, I have no fault with any president or his family, it’s pretty much the White House in general.

But, I think it’s great that Mrs. Obama has decided we as Americans, and our children, really need to start watching our weight. She is concerned about obesity. I think that is admirable.

I wonder if she’s aware that the White House itself is perpetuating the weight issues of America?  Oh, you may not think so, but it is. Take a look at this!



That’s right! The lure of the White House has grade school kids selling these wonderfully convenient buckets of ready-to-bake (or eat right out of the bucket) cookies. And they’re selling them by the busload. We can’t say no. It’s not even as simple as saying, “No, I don’t care for sugar cookie”. Oh no, they have 10 different flavors. They’re gourmet. And every bucket of dough we Americans buy, sends a kid closer to the White House.

How can I refuse to help a kid who wants to see the White House? That would just be un-patriotic. So I buy a bucket or five. And we’re right back to what to do on a rainy day!

So I blame the White House for my weight issues. If I can make Mrs. Obama aware that her house is making me America fat, maybe she’ll consider having the kids sell shoes.

I’d buy those, too.

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