Monday, February 15, 2010

For the love of the internet…

If I didn’t love the internet so much, I would toss my computer right out the window. It’s amazing to me how I’ve come to rely on my laptop for so much entertainment.

It wasn’t until last week, when it started acting funny and I had to take it to the Geek place, that I realized how attached I really was. The first Geek I spoke to didn’t think anything was wrong with it, given my description of, “Um, the little thingy that usually shows it’s loading, isn’t. And when I tried to do that thing where you turn it off and turn it back on, it wouldn’t”. But when he tried it, it wasn’t and it didn’t. So it had to be admitted.

I was fine with that, especially since I had a warranty on it. So I was all, “See you tomorrow” and the Geek giggled a little when he said no, it would be six days. WHAT?! Six days without my constant companion? How would I check blogs and emails and stuff? And Facebook?? What would all my friends think if they didn’t see my witty banter every day? My blog? How would I let my readers know what the dogs are doing every day?

Luckily, I have one of those ancient desktop models in the computer room. I wasn’t totally without internet. But, OMG is it slow compared to the lightning fast laptop. I was in agony as it would gather its thoughts in what can only be described as the grandmother board, before it would finally bring up the happenings on Facebook and what have you.

It was just too much for me. So I chose to spend that time away from the computer. After the first day of withdrawals, I began to look around for other, non-internet stuff to do. You would think I would have repainted the bedroom like I wanted, or cleaned the house like it needed or some other worthy pursuit. But, let’s just admit that I didn’t and move on.  I did read two books and watched 2 seasons of “Friends”. I became a patron of the arts. Sort of.

I did, however, have one person out of the thousands hundreds ten people who read my blog, call to ask if I was okay. It’s nice to be missed.

My trusty laptop was returned to me on Friday with a brand new hard drive. For anyone who has had this happen, you know what I did all weekend. That’s right, I had to put all my stuff back on it. What a pain in the ass.

Because I keep pretty much the same information on both computers, I had to learn how to export all my contacts and other whatnot from the ancient computer, and then how to import all of it onto the laptop. Not that I mind learning something new, but for the love of Pete it was boring!

Don’t even get me started on the iPhone. That was the biggest pain, because I never said “yes” when it asked me if I wanted to back it up. Here’s a tip: Do that! Luckily, I didn’t have anything more than a few apps (Scrabble!) and my calendar, so it was just a matter of redownloading (Blogger says this is not a word, but it should be, given the propensity of people who don’t back stuff up) eleventy hundred of those.

But finally, I am finished.

I tell you all that, just so I can tell you this:   I’M BACK!   Did you miss me?

Anyone? Beuller?…

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