Friday, February 19, 2010

And the winner is….

For all you wordsmiths out there who have been wondering about the contest I entered, the results are finally in. It was a simple contest (with no math!) about creative writing, using only 25 words and the word “ominous”.

The contest was judged by my aunt’s teacher friends. I’m told it was quite a prestigious panel. She has withheld their names to keep the losers from stalking so she can use them again in the future. She also mentioned there was a tie until the last judge put in her vote.

Since there were only seven entries, and because I have nothing else to write about today, I’m going to share them with you.

Please feel free to let us know which one you like.

A)  Holiday time…Ah no bakes! cut outs! peanut butter kiss! buckeyes! lemon wreaths! snickerdoodles! nut rolls! chocolate chips! gingerbread! coconut! Ominous is the muffin top.

B)  The skydiving executive somersaulted to impress the young office honey below, then grasping the parachute actuator spied it bore fresh lettering: “YOU CHEATING PIG.” Ominous.

C)  Feverishly, she took the casino’s monumental hand paid jackpot, then noticed the ominous faces of the approaching security team. The scam isn’t going as planned.

D)  I am a gal with two dogs
they like to play and chew clogs
it’s quite ominous
that one is abdominous
maybe she’d do better to jog

E)  She opens a door to a room once filled with her sister’s voice.
Bulletin board animals stare in silence.
Again…loneliness rears its ominous head.

Omnipresent January
Manipulating our weather
Intrusive to everyone and everything 
Negative temperatures grip us
Outdoor activities halted
Unfulfilled summertime fantasies remembered
Sunshine abounds!

G) It was a dark and ominous night; where the now fell softly, not like the heavy snow of the Midwest that was hard to shovel…


The esteemed panel of judges picked E. I liked them all and am just glad I didn’t have to choose my favorite. 

My aunt now wants one of us to choose the next contest. I have something in mind, but need to work out the details. When I do, of course, I will post it here so you can all join in. I can guarantee there will be no math.

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