Friday, January 8, 2010

Be careful, that bolt is what’s holding his head on…

Yesterday, my totally cool friend Jenn (and I say that not only because she’s awesome, she also lives in Maine where it is frozen. Cool, get it??) so, anyway, Jenn wrote a most hilarious blog about her Frankenfinger. I couldn’t keep from laughing right out loud. Really, go there and read about it, I’ll wait.

You’re back now?

While I was waiting, I remembered the time CGMan made cocktails for me and my girlfriend, Sharon, who then went home and proceeded to cut the tip of her thumb off with her new knife. (Be careful, BD, don’t drink and slice with that new Santoku)

Right after I had finished reading Jenn’s blog, CGMan came in and asked me to change his bandaids from the mole removing procedure he had yesterday….



Does anyone else see the humor in this?

FrankenSteve had his bolts removed yesterday! Oh, I crack myself up!

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