Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow days and going away…

The Austin blizzard of 2009 caused some major upheaval in this town. Schools were scheduled to close early, people left work and cancelled appointments. I even heard there were two car accidents when the snowfall first started. People panicked.

It flurried for 10 minutes.

From the comfort of my living room, I counted exactly 20 flakes fall in my backyard. And if I hadn’t lived in Maryland and know what snow looks like, I would have thought the birds had some major dandruff going on. Seriously.

To answer faithful reader Shelley- Yes, technically, snow fell from the sky in Austin.  Did it “snow”? I would have to say not even close.

This seems like a good time to address comments from some of my other faithful readers:

For Jenn, who asked in regards to the upcoming snow day, how a self professed lover of Christmas could have Christmas without snow.
             Well, Jenn, having grown up in Arizona (where we had a real similar blizzard in 1990, with .4 inches) and spending three years in the Caribbean, I have found Christmas can be just as festive in a sundress and flip flops.

Twisted Susan, also commenting on the snow day, asked if snow scares scorpions.
               Dear Twisted Susan, I’m no scientist, but from the looks of them, they have withstood (and thawed out) from many an ice age. So for 20 little flakes of snow, I’m pretty sure they just came into the nice warm house (dammit).

Meg, noting the camel ride after the dune bashing, asked when her camel would be arriving in the mail. 
              Trust me Meg, if I could find a way to mail a camel home, I would have. For each of us!

Jenn, ever with the questions, while looking at the North Pole, asked if hubby was coming home for Christmas.
             YES, HE IS!! I’m very happy to say he will be home for Christmas and we have planned a road trip (naturally) to be able to see all the kids.

After reading what I can only describe as a fascinating story on the Falcon Hospital, Scottish Woman commented that my boobs looked big in that t-shirt.
              Scottish Woman, my boobs are big.

Lastly, CGMan asked me, in real life, what I would name a camel if I had one.
              Well, duh- Camille.      But of course, I would spell it the Arabic way, Cameel.

I am going away today. Again. I think I must have been a nomad in my other life. Or a Fuller brush man. (Extra points for those of us old enough to know what that is) I am going to KY to take Wow and her sister on a small road trip to Ohio. Remember, no matter how old they are, they are still sisters. Riding in the car. Together.

And if I have to pull over, somebody is gonna cry.

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