Friday, November 6, 2009

Did you know…?

…it is 8,245 miles from Austin to Abu Dhabi?

…the flight from Austin to Abu Dhabi is 16 hours long?

…that if there is a hysterical baby in the seat next to you, the flight is actually 874627512 hours long?

…the average annual rainfall in Austin is 33 inches?

…the average annual rainfall in Abu Dhabi is 2.5 inches?

…the population in Austin is 901,756?

…the population in Abu Dhabi is just over 1,000,000?

…the elevation in Austin is 489 feet?

… the elevation in Abu Dhabi is only 88 feet?

…that I’m leaving, yet again, to visit CGMan in Abu Dhabi?

…that no babies are allowed in the exit row? That’s right, I’m in charge of opening the parachute slide!

See you next week, when I’ll be Dawn in Abu Dhabi!

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