Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where are you going?…

Something has been bothering me of late. I’m not usually one to use my blog to bitch and complain, well…except that one time when I couldn’t find an American flag, in America. I just can’t sit on this any longer. It troubles me daily.

It’s such a little thing that I’m loathe to even bring it up. Most people don’t even think about it, and yet it could be the difference between life and death. On a less dramatic note, it is most definitely the difference between a smile and the middle finger bird of doom. 

What is wrong with sending a little signal to let people know which way you are going? It’s called a “directional” for a reason. It is to let people know which direction you plan to go. For those of you who really might not know what a “directional” is…it’s a BLINKER for crying out loud! And every single car in America is equipped with them. In fact, they are positioned such that it requires very little effort or strain on the part of the driver.

Just a quick flick of the left index finger to let the world know that you intend to make that turn. To let a pedestrian know that you are actually going to turn into their path and possibly run them right over, should they step off the curb. To let another driver know it’s okay to pull out into traffic, because you will no longer be using that lane, as you’ve decided to turn onto another street.

It certainly can’t be as cumbersome as using hand signals, like they did when cars were first invented and didn’t have the little finger-flick switch. There is no need, these days, to roll down the window and extend your hand into the pouring rain, or searing heat, to let pedestrians and drivers alike know that you are attempting to make a turn. No, modern technology is such that you barely even have to think about it.

I guess the keyword here is think. This requires maybe putting down the cell phone and making a plan. A plan that requires follow-through. A plan that requires you to pay attention to the area around you and who might be in it. When driving a vehicle, I really don’t think that’s too much to ask.

And if you forget, not to worry, I’m right there, pointing the way for you.

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