Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday awareness issues…

I love Christmas. I love to decorate for Christmas and I really, really love baking Christmas cookies. I love finding just the right present for my loved ones. Maybe something they mentioned months ago they would like to have. Those are the best.

Oh, and the music! I love Christmas music.  Of the 500 songs I have on my iPod, about 350 of them are Christmas songs. I have them all categorized. There are a couple hundred few I like to listen to when I’m baking. My favorite of those is “Christmas Cookies” by George Strait. Then I have “company” music and “decorating the house” music. I even have Christmas Eve music.

(now tell me that song doesn’t make you want to whip up some cookies??)

CGMan and I have always differed on when to put up the decorations. He always thinks it’s too early. Even if it were the week before Christmas, I think he would say that. I firmly believe it’s a guy thing. There was one Christmas I thought would surely be our last. He said he hated Christmas. Actually, he said he hated effing Christmas. My lip set to trembling and tears sprang to my eyes. I ran off to my BFF’s, sure in the belief that it was over between us.

How could he hate Christmas? Who the hell hates Christmas? I’m not talking about the crowded malls and over priced gadgets that are all the rage for this week only and stuff like that. Everybody hates that. I’m talking about the beautiful, shiny decorations. The feel-good-ness about Christmas. The doing nice things for others Christmas.

Anyway, we worked it out (lucky for him I forgive easily). To give him credit, after that year, he does try to do something very nice and “Christmasy” for me. For example, his favorite thing is to buy me a new decoration as soon as they come out at Costco, which is in August. This is achieved by putting on a mad, gay man attitude and squealing with delight over said decoration, “Oh! Honey! Wouldn’t this look faaaabulous in the dining room? It would totally go with the red sequined balls you got last year! I love it! I LOVE Christmas!”

He bought me an outdoor reindeer decoration when he was home in September, and it’s just sitting forlorn in the garage, waiting to brighten up the backyard garden. Can you tell I’m desperate to decorate?However, so as not to confuse all the children in my neighborhood by having them Trick or Treat at the Christmas house, I have resigned myself to at least wait until after Halloween.

That doesn’t mean I can’t go ahead and rearrange the furniture. Which I did. Or start going through cookie recipes. Which I have. And buy the new “100 Best Cookie recipes” magazine at the grocery. Which I will.

So today? I have cranked up the cookie baking Christmas tunes and given a couple of recipes a test drive. I like to get a jump start on the feel-good, be nice to other people part.

I have a feeling this is how “eccentric” gets started.

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