Thursday, September 24, 2009

Impulsive, impetuous, inebriated, and illustrated….

Maybe we didn’t get to many any wineries, but we sure had fun working our way there. Isn’t there a saying about best laid plans? Well, consider me Plan B. Always. I have a knack for finding other things to do, rather than the thing we are supposed to be doing.

I know CGMan wanted me to see wineries and become all civilized and educated about wine and all, but as soon as I saw the sign for the Petrified Forest and another for a geyser, I was all,  “Oooooh a geyser!! I’ve never seen a geyser before! Can we stop? puhleeze??”  I mean really,  I’ve seen wine before. On second thought, let’s not even discuss how much wine I’ve seen before. So we stopped at the geyser, as well as the petrified forest. We also stopped at a cheese factory to buy some cheese (made by happy California cows!) to go with the wine that I (not the driver!!) was drinking in the car, that was supposedly on the way to the wineries. To drink taste wine.

We also stopped to swing on a swing set, watch an outdoor wedding get started, feed some fainting goats (they really faint!), hike around the top of a mountain (okay, it wasn’t really a mountain as much as a peak) pretend like I had my own cooking show at the Culinary Institute of America and a stop to look at the redwoods, even though we couldn’t drive through a redwood at this particular forest. Let’s not forget Alcatraz and the whales. Who has time to walk through a winery when just a bottle or three will do? We did make a tour through Korbel. It was really cool and had a great history. And they had free samples!

I have to give it to my husband, ever since he broke his shoulder and can’t golf anymore started reading his buddy, Craig the photographer’s blog he’s been all about taking pictures. His mission this trip? The “digital camera self portrait”. You know, he did a really good job! He got both our heads in every picture and the sun was only in our eyes a few times, making me look a little bit like Mr. Magoo.

All in all, it was a great vacation. I have always believed you have a better time when you just go with the flow. Even if the flow is a tidal wave of wine.

 Waiting for Alcatraz Muir Woods Me with a redwood Where's the whales? I'm just a swingin  Top of Mt. Tam Trees that are now rocks!!Waiting to be a geyser.Fainting goats, don't scare 'em!Caught the geyser on the downsideChampagne? Why yes, I believe I do.     IMG_1711 Dawn in the kitchen

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