Monday, August 10, 2009

A picture postcard kind of day…


The other day I was reading my daily dose of blogs. Shelly over at I Miss My Sanity, had taken on a challenge by one of her blogger friends, June at Bye Bye, Pie to photograph a day of her life. She did a great job and after I was done giggling (her daughter sits in the sink to do her hair just like mine used to do- many years ago) I thought it would be fun to show you a day in my life.

When I took on the challenge, I thought for sure it would be just pictures of the dogs going out and the dogs coming in, because that pretty much sums up most of my days. I chose Saturday because, when you don’t work, one day is pretty much just like another.



My Saturday started like every other day of the week. At 6 am. No need to set the alarm, as there is one little girl who knows exactly what time breakfast is served.







My secret boyfriend, Cesar Millan, suggested I make my chubby one wait for her food. She is a chow hound, which means she eats her food way too fast and that can cause problems. To break her from that (supposedly) I make her sit and then set her food in front of her. She then has to wait for the command to go ahead and eat. She’s very good at this. Zoe? well she sits cuz she heard me say Sit.








Zoe, being a typical big sister, eats her food very slowly, and making “mmmMMM” noises all the while. When she is finally done, Phoebe runs over and licks the bowl, just to make sure it’s clean (or something like that).






While I stand watch over the breakfast area (sometimes Phoebe moves into Zoe’s bubble), I make the coffee. I drink Folgers French Vanilla, in case you were curious.







Just for the record, that was the last pot of coffee I made in that particular Mr. Coffee because he died sometime after that. Of course, I didn’t find that out that he died until 6 am on Sunday morning, thankyouverymuch.






Not much goes on in the blogosphere on the weekends, so I checked my Facebook page to see if anyone was doing anything interesting enough for me to invite myself.

Since no one was having a party (or has caught on to my ploy and kept hushed about it) I said I would clean my patio. I don’t know what I was thinking. Later in the day, I let it be known that I must have been drinking early in the morning to think I would get out in the blistering summer Texas heat to clean the patio.



While I wait for CGMan to get home from work in Abu Dahbi, I make myself a bowl of cereal. I usually will put a banana in my cereal, but as you can see, I’m out of bananas.






I know I told you CGMan is in Abu Dhabi, but did I tell you he’s touring with the Blue Man Group? We chat on Skype every morning and sometimes in the evening. He also gets up at 6 am, but that’s 9 pm Austin time and that’s just about my bedtime.






Whilst I’ve been chatting with my husband, the dogs have been running in and out, chasing each other and doing dog things. You might be wondering what the black object is that Phoebe had in her mouth as she came running in from outside? Yeah, that would be a solar light from my new landscaping. And CGMan? He was laughing and muttering something about stupid good-for-nothing secret boyfriends.





Now it’s off for a walk. We love to take a walk in the mornings before it gets too bloody hot. When I see them like this, I can’t help but think of the childhood taunt: Fatty and Skinny went to bed, Fatty rolled over and Skinny was dead.







Not one to overexert herself, (unless Zoe is distracted from her food bowl) Phoebe sits on the sidelines while Zoe pretends she’s a Greyhound. This is a water retention area in our neighborhood. And since there hasn’t been any water by way of rain or anything, there is nothing to retain. A great place to let the girls off leash and let them run around.



And because I’m a good neighbor…      



Since it was still early, before 9 in the morning, I thought I best get out and get my errands done before the back to school shoppers woke up. I needed to go to Party Pig to get decorations and party stuff for my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary party and Dress Barn to find a dress to wear to said party. Oh look! A sale at Dress Barn!


Too bad I didn’t find a dress, but I did find an adorable little shorts outfit, which will be perfect for here in the sweltering Texas heat and also for the blistering heat of Abu Dhabi. There’s an old saying, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, Be careful what you wish for. When we married, I let CGMan know, in no uncertain terms, that I was not a winter person. I don’t do snow. His promise was to always keep me below the Mason Dixon line. Well, here I am with two homes that feel like they’re in a subdivision just outside the Kingdom of Hell.



Then I was off to PetsMart to get Phoebe some heartworm pills.

I was hoping they would have some Halloween stuff out because the girls love when I put Halloween stuff on them. Okay, maybe they don’t love it, but they haven’t killed me in my sleep yet, so I’ll take that as a good sign.




While there, I bought the girls a couple of new bones but did not get them one of these, even though they were all “Pleeze Mom can we have one? We’ll play with it and love it and take care of it and feed it every day. Puhleeeze can we have one?”




My next stop was Kohl’s to do some window shopping. I love Kohl’s, so I always stop in whether I need anything or not. Window shopping is when you go look at things you don’t need, but are hopeful you’ll get someday. That’s what I was doing, window shopping.

IMG_1439IMG_1442       IMG_1440 IMG_1441

CGMan, you’ll be happy to know I did not buy anything at Kohl’s. I know!! Amazing! And they say there are so few miracles anymore.

After running around, finishing up the errands, I came home, gave the girls their new bones, for which they were very appreciative, even though they would have really liked to have had a kitten, and then climbed into bed to take a nap read a thoroughly engaging book.





I was only about a half hour into my nap book when the Skater showed up, with flowers for his momma. I hadn’t seen him since before I left on my trip. The pups love when Skater comes to visit because he runs around and wrestles with them. He’s a good big brother.




We visited for a couple of hours, made arrangements to get together the next day, where get together means having him come over and do some manual labor for me, and then he had to leave to go do  young people fun stuff.

IMG_1459Shortly after that, my friend Scottish Woman, called to remind me it was Happy Hour. I love Happy Hour and I especially love when one of my friends calls to remind me of it (like I really need a reminder *snort*)then comes to share it with me.





After she left, it was time to think about dinner. Of course, Phoebe has been thinking about dinner since she finished her breakfast.


I had beef with mushroom gravy, peas and mashed potatoes. Mmm It was good. IMG_1463


For any of you on this kind of diet, be it lean cuisine or whatnot, here is the key: dish it onto a plate. It fills the plate and makes it seem like more. When its in the little TV tray, it doesn’t look like enough to feed a five year old.



Now it’s time to settle in to watch some television. Now, I don’t watch a lot of TV, but every now and again, I like to catch a few episodes of a show I’ve only recently come to know about.



That’s right, NCIS.

I can’t tell which boy I secretly desire most. Gibbs is pretty hot, with a dark, secretive bad boy kind of thing going on.




Then there is DiNozzzo. ‘Nuff said.


Of course, what would my TV watching experience be without the antics of the dogs, who don’t seem to understand the need to watch the good parts (see above).

IMG_1476IMG_1480IMG_1482IMG_1483IMG_1485 IMG_1484   

Shortly after that, they start looking a little sleepy and settle in to watch TV like their dad does:

 IMG_1490 IMG_1492 IMG_1495

Time to put them, and me, to bed.



This is where they sleep. I may have mentioned before why they don’t sleep with me, so they are quite content in their own little condo.

And then I was off to bed.





It was a picture perfect day.

Now it’s your turn!

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