Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Leaving again…

If you thought I was going on another road trip, you would be wrong. This time I get to FLY!!

We are taking Skater with us to celebrate CGMan’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. They are renewing their vows in the same church in which they were married 50 years ago.  It’s going to be quite special and I’m pleased we get to go.

There is another reason I’m excited to make this trip. Not that seeing my in-laws renew their love in front of family and friends isn’t exciting all by itself. And of course there will be cake (I’ll save you a piece, Gigi) It’s where they’re going to do it that’s exciting. No, not the church….

First let me tell you a few things. CGMan loves sports. All sports. But football is his favorite. College football being at the top of his favorite list. Not until we moved here to Texas, football country, did I really get into the whole college football rivalry, hexing, taunting, and trash talking culture. But now I’m hooked. I wish I could say I root for the home team, the University of Texas Longhorns, but I don’t. I’m keeping it all in the family. I figured since my hubby got me hooked on college ball, the least I can do is join his team. The best team.

Now for our trip to see his parents renew their vows, we’re going home. Since we’re flying into the hometown airport, we’re going to spend the night there and load up on some much needed items for the upcoming football season. Like big foam fingers, flip flops, car flags, lawn ornaments and a buckeye necklace. Oh yeah.

That’s right, we’re going home to:



That’s right people! I’m a Buckeye by marriage and proud of it!

I have never had so much fun in the fall as I have since I’ve embraced my worthless nuttiness. Just on our street alone, there are 5 or 6 colleges represented, and usually Ohio plays them all at some point. It gets pretty wicked around here, let me tell you!

This will be my first trip to Columbus and I am ever so excited to go to the Co-op and load up on gear. Shopping the internet is nice, but just doesn’t have the same excitement as going to the campus town and seeing your team’s colors everywhere!

Since I have to get up in 4 hours to head to the airport, I’m going to leave you now. But first, I wanted to share a couple of goodies I found on YouTube:

(sorry Meg, it’s really nothing personal. Football fever. Yeah, that’s what it is, football fever. Don’t quit me)

One of my favorite parts of the game, except for the part where we win, is the beginning, when The Best Damn Band In The Land does “Script Ohio”.


Can I get an O-H…….I-O??

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