Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right…

When I get ready to start a project, I usually do a lot of research on it. I look through magazines and on the web. The best thing about starting a project, is anticipating how it will turn out. I have always enjoyed opening a magazine to find the before and after pictures of a project. I have seen hundreds of before and after pictures and I love it. Doesn’t matter if it’s kitchen, bath, paint or even beauty makeovers. I love to see the changes that can be made.

From all that research, I have learned it’s always a good idea to take before and after pictures of your own projects. That way you can see, side by side, the transformation. I have bored entertained my family and friends over the years with my numerous before and after pictures. And now that we’re getting to know one another, I’ll share some with you.


Here are three of my best projects:


IMG_1378 IMG_1380

          Before                                               After

BabyM islandpeople_2k6_launch-072

          Before                                                               After

IMG_1379 IMG_3093 

          Before                                                      After



Here are a few projects that I didn’t actually start, but had a hand in making perfect.


n1120355990_7438  IMG_1237 

          Before                                                        After

IMG_0219 IMG_3645






So there you have some really great before and after projects. Oh, me? Well, fine…here you go





 That is not a mullet, it’s a shag, thankyouverymuch.











I know, I crack me up, too. Now get back to work.

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