Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did you know…?

… that if an 18 month old takes an inexplicable, irrational, passionate dislike to you that is akin to boogeyman terrors, he will scream and cry uncontrollably and constantly scramble to get as far away as possible from you for the better part of 16 hours?

…that his 10 month old sister will start screaming and crying because he’s making such a ruckus, even though she kinda likes you?

…that the chances of this happening to you on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Houston is pretty likely…if you fly coach?

…that Heiferyung is now hoarding her frequent flyer miles like a squirrel making ready for winter so she can upgrade to Business Class?

Wordless Wednesday…with some words…

I like wordless Wednesdays. It gives me a chance to show off some pictures that I have cramming up my phone. Let’s see, since you’ve alread...