Friday, July 10, 2009

Austin is weird…

For those of you who don’t know, Austin’s claim to fame is that it is weird. “Keep Austin Weird” is on most bumpers and many more T-shirts.

I’m here to tell you…it is.

I hadn’t been home 24 hours when I saw it. The weird.

I’m standing inside the post office, waiting for one of the beloved, can never be fired, government workers to answer the bell for the second time, so I can pick up 5 weeks worth of junk mail. Because really? does anything else come in the mail these day? Bills? Paid online. Appointment reminders? Sent by email. Greeting cards? Also online. So the only thing in my snail mail box is junk mail… and Netflix!

So I’m standing there, looking out the many windows at the neighborhood beside. I see a dog running along, very happy to be out for his morning walk. You can always tell when dogs are happy. So anyway, the first thing I notice is that he is not on a leash. He’s being very good and staying on the grass and peeing on trees. The second thing I notice is the young man walking behind him, with coffee cup in hand, because, you know, it is first thing in the morning.  The third thing I notice is that the young man appears to be in his underwear.

I was all “Surely that dude is not walking his dog in his underwear.” Then I thought, well maybe the dog had to go really bad, so the guy just stepped outside for a moment so the dog could go potty. Um, no. They were out for a stroll!! They walked along the side of the post office, and then they crossed the street and walked right in front of the windows of the post office. That is when I noticed he was definitely wearing underwear (because it’s the same kind Skater wears). They appeared to be in no hurry, making their way around the grounds of the post office and back across the street.

Now, I’m no expert on the law or anything, so I’m not sure if it’s against the law to walk your dog in your underwear. But I do know it’s against the law in Austin to walk your dog without a leash.

And we all know, it is the norm in Austin to be weird. Otherwise, they don’t let you live here. 


P.S. Stayed tuned, on Monday I’ll have my very first ever…give away!!

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