Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You are not going to believe this…

The other day, CGMan and I decided to get out of the house and do a little shopping in Abu Dhabi. I was on the hunt for some bird feeders, as we just have tons of little birds in our garden. I also wanted a gallon of paint. Hey! This place is screaming to have it’s personality let out!

Well, finding bird seeds, and feeders and a birdbath are not as easy as one would think. We found seed at one store, but nothing else. We found hummingbird feeders at another store, but no hooks from which to hang them. Finally, at the place with the helpful hardware man (and my favorite place to get paint) I find some feeders (no seed, good thing I bought that at the first store) and one stand, that looks like a lamp post, to hang the feeders on. The little birds are going to be so excited to have their very own buffet in my garden.

As I was fruitlessly searching one of the stores at the mall, in Abu Dhabi, I came upon the most curious thing. Here I am, searching around for bird seed and the like, something you would think would be easy to find in a country that seems to have everything, when I round a corner at the back of the store, and see this… a very large selection of American Flags.

That’s right people, in the middle of Abu Dhabi, the largest selection of American flags I have seen since 9/11! Big flags, little flags, flag poles and buntings. The poles that hang on your house and the tall poles you plant in your yard. You name it, they had it. In Abu Dhabi.

So I did a little research:

One emirate, Abu Dhabi,  in the United Arab Emirates has 10,000 Americans. I walk into a store, looking for birdseed, and find quite a nice selection of American flags.

One state, Texas, in the United States of America, has 24 million Americans. I go to not one, but several large, everybody-knows-their-name stores, and I can find no American flags to hang in front of my home, in America.

Can someone please explain this to me?! How I can be in a country in the Middle East and find a most impressive array of American flags for which to hang on my villa and I can’t even walk into Office Max in the United States of America and find one for my home, in AMERICA?

While I didn’t buy one right then, I do have plans to go back to get a flag and a small pole for my garden, in Abu Dhabi. I’ll put it next to the lamp post stand that holds the buffet for the birds. The buffet the birds won’t eat.

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