Sunday, June 7, 2009

We made it…finally!


I have truly earned the moniker “Iron Butt”. Let me just recap for you the few days since I left the good ole U.S. of A.

I jump on a plane to Houston where I sit for a 5 hour layover. (Thank you, USO!) then I have a 15 hour flight to Dubai, where my wonderful hubby picks me up. Twelve hours later, we are on a one hour plane ride to Bahrain, where our one hour layover turned into a sleepover. Luckily, they put us in a hotel instead of making us sleep at the airport. Then it was a 4 hour plane ride to Athens. Because of the sleepover, we now have to wait 4 hours to catch our one hour flight to Crete. It is dark and we still have a two hour car ride ahead of us. We opt to stay in Heraklion for the night. So yesterday, you guessed it… We had a road trip!! (By the way, I can now add “international navigator” to my resume)

Whew! I’m tired just talking about it! But we’re here, in Greece and it is awesome!! The people are so friendly and English is spoken all over. We have had no language barriers. CGMan downloaded some podcasts to learn some Greek phrases and has been entertaining our bartender with his attempts.

Today will be our first whole day. We plan to do a whole lot of nothing. The weather is so beautiful and the water so blue. I think an afternoon on the beach is just the ticket. Tomorrow, we plan to rent scooters and go exploring. We are on the southeast corner of Crete. It is the most underdeveloped part of the island. For us, that means unspoiled by tourism. We like that.

We have discovered Ouzo and Raki, but I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. It’s time for breakfast and I must run. Andio!

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