Saturday, June 13, 2009

A semi-perfect day…

Did you ever have one of those days?

You know the kind.

The one where you’re just riding along on the back of a motorbike on a beautiful sunny day, on a Greek island (Crete to be precise) IMG_1034with your husband, whom you haven’t seen in three months.

You’re amazed at the people, the landscape, the sheep and all the olive trees. They’re everywhere!

You’re thinking about the man that came to talk about olive oil last night and wondering who you’re going to share your bottles with. You’re wondering at the lifestyle of these people who work so hard harvesting the olives for the fruit (are olives a fruit?) and the oil.

Then you start thinking about how wonderful Greek wineIMG_1061 is and you wonder where the grapevines are, since it appears the olive trees take up the entire island. You notice that you can see the water from just about everywhere.


You’re thinking it’s the most perfect day as you head along a curving road looking for the Ancient Town of Praissos. Once you find it, you realize it doesn’t look so much like an ancient town  as a pile of rocks. You realize  archaeology may not be your thing.


You’re hugging your husband and watching the bugs bounce off his helmet. You’re riding along feeling all carefree and young (well, young-ish anyway) when all of a sudden-BAM! you hit a small patch of gravel and the hog goes down.IMG_0972 Okay, not really a hog, more of a piglet , but when it goes down, it’s scary. And you’re dragged across the gravel for what seems like an eternity. Then you come to a stop and realize you’re not hurt very bad, just some road rash, and a tear in your brand new Capri pants.  Then you drive to the nearest town so your husband can go to the hospital because he thinks he might have broken his shoulder.

You get to the hospital and find out not only did he break his shoulder, he broke his clavicle and three ribs. Then you get take a Greek ambulance ride to the next town which is an hour away (on same said windy road) and spend the night in a Greek hospital with your husband while they “observe” him to make sure he hasn’t puncture a lung.

You learn that hospitals in Greece don’t provide anything, so you head to the mini-market and hope that someone speaks English so you can buy him some water and pajamas (what size does he wear in Greek PJs??) Then the two of you spend a romantic evening watching Greek talk shows, from separate hospital beds, and make up the things they were saying.

Did you ever have one of those days? Really? Cuz I did.

Only mine was worse.

I also got stung by a bee when it flew into my helmet.

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