Sunday, June 14, 2009

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a IMG_0929 . He was an angel right from the start. But he didn’t stay little for long.

He was always a bit of a prankster. And he loved a good ghost story. He grew and was a very happy boy  CrzyKids.  It wasn’t long before he decided he wanted to do some manly things. Guy stuff, you know? After much consideration he joined ScoutC . Years later, and many campouts, canoe trips and hikes along the Appalachian Trail,

he became big and strong 36 (and a little less geeky looking). He enjoyed the scouts so much, he achieved the highest rank, Eagle Scout.

One of his first jobs was in marketing IMG_0926  .  It takes a brave man to be the coolest bear in the mall.

Even though he wasn’t an athlete (oh wait, golf is a sport, right?) or an honor student (except for that one year) he managed to catch the eye of IMG_0925  in their senior year.

They were sweet on each other right from the start.

They spent a lot of time together. Most of it, she spent watching him wash his car. New love, right? They were so excited at the end of the year to go to IMG_0924

A few weeks later he IMG_0945, and his mother realized he was growing into a man. *sniff*

Then he set about to do something he had always dreamed of doing IMG_0930 . And his mother began to realize that he may be a foolish man.

After that first summer as a “man”, he had to say good-bye because he went on to fulfill another boyhood dreamjunior . He trained and trained and learned a lot. Then they sent him off to a scary, sandy place to work very hard showing people how to read maps.  He summered there for the next three years. He became good at ping pong, when he wasn’t stepping on the balls.

She missed him. Even though she went to school and studied hard, she made sure he knew we thought of him all the time IMG_0946 . It was not all roses back at home. There was one who sought to steal her away from the brave MarineIMG_0947 . There was a challenger for her affections. While her emotions were in turmoil, she remained true to her first love. But our Marine wasn’t scared one bit. No sir!

He came back and easily thwarted the “competition”… with his thumb. The knave soon realized the Marine was an ally worth cultivating and they became close friends. Brothers, even.

Last year, after many years of waiting and planning, the Marine stepped up and did what only the most grown up of men are brave enough to do:

He went to a beautiful house IMG_0931 and in front of his friends and family

 he … IMG_0942 .  It was then that his weepy mother understood… maybe he wasn’t so foolish, after all.


Happy Anniversary to the Marine and his Sunshine!


And they live happily ever after.

The End.

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