Monday, June 29, 2009

Ironbutt heeds the signs…

We went on a little road trip over the weekend. I did the driving because CGMan is still in a sling. I didn’t mind at all, because, well…road trips are my favorite! He actually enjoyed being the passenger/navigator. He was able to see things he didn’t usually get to see.

I must say, driving in another country is interesting. Things we take for granted, like STOP signs, are merely just a suggestion in some other countries. Like this one. It didn’t take me long to figure out which signs are mandatory (not many!) and which are just a recommendation.

They have roundabouts here. And while I am totally on board with the theory that roundabouts keep traffic moving, unlike signals which are never synched to the traffic flow, they do require a certain amount of experience and daring.

The roundabouts here are usually three lanes, and are very big. Driving through one gives the same feeling as playing Grand Theft Auto, where you’re dodging and darting about. I am not scared of roundabouts. In fact, I think they are the only place I let my inner Andretti out. I become a new woman when I enter a roundabout. I am bold, I am fearless and I am driving the big truck. Oh, and I am quick on the horn, too! It’s important to let them know I am coming through, as they have a habit of cutting over three lanes to make a right turn in front of me!

The roundabouts are also a great place to see cool “centerpieces?” Each roundabout has a defining feature in it. This is helpful when getting directions, as they will often say, “Turn left at the lantern roundabout”. CGMan really likes the middles of the roundabouts.

IMG_1160 IMG_1161

But enough about that. We were talking about signs. There were some interesting signs along the way to Fujairah. Too bad I didn’t think, until just this very moment, about how cool it would have been if I had pictures of them to show you. Okay, cut me some slack, I’m still new at this blogging thing. My mind does not always work in that direction.


I did take a picture of this sign. This is a very entertaining sign. For some reason, I found myself giggling every time I saw it. I mean, really? Camel crossing??


It didn’t take long to see the importance of this sign.  Being as how I didn’t see a moose when I was in Canada (a story for another time) I can’t compare them in size. But I’m telling you…you would definitely lose if you were to hit one of these. Big truck or not.


We saw more than just this lone camel. We actually saw a pack? herd? – okay, I had to go look it up. It’s a caravan, flock or train of camels. We saw a small flock of camels on the side of the road. There were 5 or 6 of them. But poor CGMan with his nonmovable right arm, was a little slow getting the camera up and all we got was a blurry picture of tumbleweeds.

Because camels don’t always stay in their pens,  if you see the “camel crossing” sign, heed it.


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