Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enh, I can live with it…

Today I had my first taste of what it would be like to live here. I mean, I’ve already done the grocery shopping, gotten gas and found a dry cleaner. We have located the doctors offices. And because CGMan hasn’t been able to drive, I can safely say I now know how to get to his office, by myself.

No, what I’m talking about today, is going to the salon. No, not a hair salon, that’s different and I don’t even know what those are called. Anyway, I went to the salon to get a mani/pedi, of which I am so deserving since CGMan tried to take my toes off had a mishap with the scooter.

I walk in with no appointment, but they are quite accommodating. I’m shown to a very comfortable looking chair, with nice fat cushions on it. I notice that there is no whirlpool tub beneath it, nor does it look like it massages. What am I going to do if it doesn’t massage??

Well, let me tell you!

One girl sits down at my feet with a big bowl of scented water. Another girl sits beside me and proceeds to start filing my nails, the old fashioned way. (note: I wear tips, so usually there is machinery involved when getting my nails done)

And then my new best friend walked up to me. She said she was there to give me a massage. She held up a towel so I could remove my shirt and tuck my bra straps under my arms. Then she covered me up and proceeded to give me the most luxurious, relaxing, indulgent head, neck and shoulder massage. It lasted for over half an hour.

Oh yeah.

Never have I felt more spoiled  pampered than having three women all working on me at the same time.  I didn’t even have that getting ready for my wedding! And my new best friend? Totally rocks over your vibrating chairs!

I thought about feeling guilty for being in there, you know…wildfires, global warming, and the crumbling economy. But I looked around and saw so many other women being pampered and petted that I just couldn’t feel guilty. I felt…girly and pretty!

So two and a half hours later, I’m walking out with beautiful toes, a new set of nails, and my head feeling like it’s sitting on a pile of jello. I looked through the menu to see all the other good stuff they offer: full body hot stone massages, waxing, eyelash extensions, facial hair threading and my personal favorite, lipomassage. That’s right! It massages away cellulite.

But I didn’t even tell you the best part!!


CGMan tried to open the door to see what was taking so long and they shooed him out.

OMG! That’s better than trying to hide out in the bathroom!! Cuz he tries to talk to me through the bathroom door, even though he knows that’s not allowed.

I think I could totally go to the salon every day once a week!

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