Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dawn in Athens…


As we sat on the beach (before the accident) we planned our week on Crete. We wanted mostly relaxing things like scootering around the countryside, golf, scuba diving for CGMan and a trip to Chrissi island, where the water is perfectly clear. So clear, in fact, that even on a moonlight night, you can see a fish 10 feet down that is only a few inches long.

You know what?   Plans change.

The day after we made our way back from the hospital, we did manage to hobble aboard the boat to Chrissi Island, where we sat in the shade and had lunch with our new friends from England. We got on famously. They enjoyed our company even though we were crippled up and obviously not very good at Quiz Night.

We heard some great stories from them, the most exciting being that they get to meet the Queen!  Always good to know someone who knows royalty, right? I wasn’t too much in awe (okay, I lie) because I know famous people, too.

Relaxing took on a whole new meaning for us. Naps, pain pills and changing dressings. But hey! We are still in Greece!!

On Friday, we flew to Athens for our weekend stay, before coming home to Abu Dhabi. We had reservations at what I’m sure was a perfectly reasonable budget hotel. On the way over, with broken shoulder and road rashes still tingly, we decided we needed a little more pampering than a budget hotel would afford.  Since we didn’t do any of the other excursions we had planned, we had money left over. We thought maybe we should upgrade.

We didn’t even have our bags yet, before CGMan worked a miracle. Gotta love cell phones and a man who can make things happen.  


As you can see,  we upgraded to the “I Love Lucy” suite. Apparently, people in Europe don’t have sex. The gods have made sure we don’t either, so it’s all good.



As we settled in to the feather bed and soft non-budget sheets, we reflected about our holiday so far. We’re merely battered and bruised, but we’ll live. We are thankful that we are here and can still enjoy the sights of Greece.

Tomorrow, I’ll share Athens with you. The ruins were amazing, the city…well, interesting.

We are back in Abu Dhabi now. CGMan has seen a doctor and learned there is no lasting damage and no surgery needed. He just needs time to heal. A lot of time. I have changed my ticket so I can stay on for a couple more weeks. At least until he is able to get himself dressed. It’s nice to be needed.

For the next three weeks…I’ll be Nurse Goodbody in Abu Dhabi.

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