Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dawn in Abu Dhabi…

When I left Houston, it was 7:oo pm. When I landed in Dubai, it was 7:00 pm- the next day! Talk about how time flies! I lost a whole day.

Dubai airport is HUGE! CGMan tells me it’s the largest in the world. Doesn’t surprise me. Dubai is all about the biggest, tallest, most expensive, blah blah blah.

Anyway, he didn’t want to have to drive me an hour back home to Abu Dhabi after losing a whole day on the airplane, so he booked us a room at a nice hotel. Because he’s a frequent flyer at the Rotana, they upgraded us to a suite. Sweet! Too bad I was too exhausted to pay it much attention.

I was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, robe and slippers. mmmm, nice. The desk sent up a lovely bowl of fruit, too.  On it, was this thing: IMG_0982

I didn’t know if I was supposed to eat it or buy it a Habitrail. We found out later that it’s a Rambutan and is very good. You cut the top off and kind of squeeze the fruit out. The fruit looks like a peeled grape with a small pit shaped like an almond. The fruit is very sweet, but not citrusy at all. 

We went to dinner at the Indian restaurant, and man oh man, was it good! I love Indian food. I had Tandoori prawns and CGMan had this








It was a coconut curry shrimp. SO delish!

This morning, we got up and took the scenic route out of Dubai. The last time we drove through here, neither of us knew where we were going or what to see. Since then, CGMan and his buddies come up to golf and have learned their way around. IMG_0880

Yeah, we drove right past this bad boy. That’s all we could afford to do, just drive on by! I often wonder…if I was rich instead of beautiful, would I stay in places like that? Would I throw my money around like that? Hell yeah!

We’re back in Abu Dhabi in time for CGman to pack (talk about waiting till the last minute!) and we leave for Greece this evening. I had a good sleep last night, so think I have shaken off the last of the jet lag. Let the vacation begin!!

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