Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The things you find on the internet…

I was surfing through YouTube today, looking for some funny camels to put on my blog. I didn’t really find any. Its seems more people find women with camels toes more funny than real camels. Don’t worry, I’m not even going to go  there.

I searched Camels, Abu Dhabi, to see if there were any famous camels in Abu Dhabi. There aren’t. BUT! One fellow did put together a really nice video of the camel races. I know I’ve talked before about the camel races, and this video really brings it to light. I’m going to share it with you.

Imagine my surprise when I happened to see a certain photographer, who looked like he was having a great time taking pictures of the camels! Let this be a lesson…you never know when you’re going to be in someone’s YouTube video!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Breaking news….

I admit it. I have not looked at a calendar (or even my watch very often) for the last three weeks. When I left for Abu Dhabi, with its promise of a Greek vacation, I had organized many things for my return. Cards to be sent and boxes to be mailed off, I’m very orderly that way.

Well, then my vacation got extended. We won’t go into the whole scooter fiasco. Lets just say I signed on for two additional weeks in Abu Dhabi. All my prior organization be damned.

Well, I forgot one of the biggies that was awaiting my return.

Sunshine, my darling daughter-in-law, celebrated her 25th birthday Saturday.

And because I don’t have a calendar in front of me, like I do at home, I missed it. 

I’m sorry, Sunshine.

Will you all join me in wishing the her the happiest of birthdays, a wee bit late?



Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

P.S. You’ll still give me grandbabies, right?

Ironbutt heeds the signs…

We went on a little road trip over the weekend. I did the driving because CGMan is still in a sling. I didn’t mind at all, because, well…road trips are my favorite! He actually enjoyed being the passenger/navigator. He was able to see things he didn’t usually get to see.

I must say, driving in another country is interesting. Things we take for granted, like STOP signs, are merely just a suggestion in some other countries. Like this one. It didn’t take me long to figure out which signs are mandatory (not many!) and which are just a recommendation.

They have roundabouts here. And while I am totally on board with the theory that roundabouts keep traffic moving, unlike signals which are never synched to the traffic flow, they do require a certain amount of experience and daring.

The roundabouts here are usually three lanes, and are very big. Driving through one gives the same feeling as playing Grand Theft Auto, where you’re dodging and darting about. I am not scared of roundabouts. In fact, I think they are the only place I let my inner Andretti out. I become a new woman when I enter a roundabout. I am bold, I am fearless and I am driving the big truck. Oh, and I am quick on the horn, too! It’s important to let them know I am coming through, as they have a habit of cutting over three lanes to make a right turn in front of me!

The roundabouts are also a great place to see cool “centerpieces?” Each roundabout has a defining feature in it. This is helpful when getting directions, as they will often say, “Turn left at the lantern roundabout”. CGMan really likes the middles of the roundabouts.

IMG_1160 IMG_1161

But enough about that. We were talking about signs. There were some interesting signs along the way to Fujairah. Too bad I didn’t think, until just this very moment, about how cool it would have been if I had pictures of them to show you. Okay, cut me some slack, I’m still new at this blogging thing. My mind does not always work in that direction.


I did take a picture of this sign. This is a very entertaining sign. For some reason, I found myself giggling every time I saw it. I mean, really? Camel crossing??


It didn’t take long to see the importance of this sign.  Being as how I didn’t see a moose when I was in Canada (a story for another time) I can’t compare them in size. But I’m telling you…you would definitely lose if you were to hit one of these. Big truck or not.


We saw more than just this lone camel. We actually saw a pack? herd? – okay, I had to go look it up. It’s a caravan, flock or train of camels. We saw a small flock of camels on the side of the road. There were 5 or 6 of them. But poor CGMan with his nonmovable right arm, was a little slow getting the camera up and all we got was a blurry picture of tumbleweeds.

Because camels don’t always stay in their pens,  if you see the “camel crossing” sign, heed it.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sharing the love…

I’ve noticed there are quite a few people who are into photography. Even CGMan is thinking to take it up, since his golf game has been put on hold for the next 6-9 months. I have a little Canon point and shoot and it works for me. However, I do love good photography.

With that said, I wanted to share a little love and introduce you to CGMan’s BFF, Craig Corl. He is a wonderful photographer (by hobby, not profession) and with a little nagging persuasion from yours truly and some other fans of his, he has decided to start a blog.

I love the way he takes one element and discusses it. His latest is about repeating patterns. Even me, who is so not into photography, found myself finding repeating patterns on our last day trip. It was pretty cool!

I plan to have a few Craig Corl originals to hang in my house. This is one of them:

Camels in Abu Dhabi

So for all you photography enthusiasts out there, stop by his site and check out his commentary. It’s a great place to exchange ideas, and check out some cool pictures.

Craig Corl Photography

Friday, June 26, 2009

I just can’t win…

Dear friends in Texas,

Okay, so I wake up this morning to this compelling online news article from the Austin-American Statesman:


107 close to heat record

Friday, June 26, 2009

Austin recorded its second-hottest June day in history Thursday, with temperatures reaching 107 degrees at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and 106 at Camp Mabry.

Meteorologist Bob Rose of the Lower Colorado River Authority said temperatures had reached that high in June only once — on June 14, 1998, when it was 109 degrees at the airport and 108 at Camp Mabry.

Travis County remains under a heat advisory until 7 p.m. Saturday and the weather service warns of oppressive heat for the next several days.”

Yeah, um, I'm thinking I may have to stay here until it cools off a little bit. At least here, the A/C units are designed for temps that high and won't blow up. I shudder to think what will happen when I get home and try to cool off that monster of a house to accommodate my pre-menopausal hot flashing, night sweating, can-I-fit-in-the-ice-box body temperature?

Let me know when the temperature is a little less than the comfort level of Hell and I'll come home.


Dawn in Abu Dhabi

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enh, I can live with it…

Today I had my first taste of what it would be like to live here. I mean, I’ve already done the grocery shopping, gotten gas and found a dry cleaner. We have located the doctors offices. And because CGMan hasn’t been able to drive, I can safely say I now know how to get to his office, by myself.

No, what I’m talking about today, is going to the salon. No, not a hair salon, that’s different and I don’t even know what those are called. Anyway, I went to the salon to get a mani/pedi, of which I am so deserving since CGMan tried to take my toes off had a mishap with the scooter.

I walk in with no appointment, but they are quite accommodating. I’m shown to a very comfortable looking chair, with nice fat cushions on it. I notice that there is no whirlpool tub beneath it, nor does it look like it massages. What am I going to do if it doesn’t massage??

Well, let me tell you!

One girl sits down at my feet with a big bowl of scented water. Another girl sits beside me and proceeds to start filing my nails, the old fashioned way. (note: I wear tips, so usually there is machinery involved when getting my nails done)

And then my new best friend walked up to me. She said she was there to give me a massage. She held up a towel so I could remove my shirt and tuck my bra straps under my arms. Then she covered me up and proceeded to give me the most luxurious, relaxing, indulgent head, neck and shoulder massage. It lasted for over half an hour.

Oh yeah.

Never have I felt more spoiled  pampered than having three women all working on me at the same time.  I didn’t even have that getting ready for my wedding! And my new best friend? Totally rocks over your vibrating chairs!

I thought about feeling guilty for being in there, you know…wildfires, global warming, and the crumbling economy. But I looked around and saw so many other women being pampered and petted that I just couldn’t feel guilty. I felt…girly and pretty!

So two and a half hours later, I’m walking out with beautiful toes, a new set of nails, and my head feeling like it’s sitting on a pile of jello. I looked through the menu to see all the other good stuff they offer: full body hot stone massages, waxing, eyelash extensions, facial hair threading and my personal favorite, lipomassage. That’s right! It massages away cellulite.

But I didn’t even tell you the best part!!


CGMan tried to open the door to see what was taking so long and they shooed him out.

OMG! That’s better than trying to hide out in the bathroom!! Cuz he tries to talk to me through the bathroom door, even though he knows that’s not allowed.

I think I could totally go to the salon every day once a week!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You are not going to believe this…

The other day, CGMan and I decided to get out of the house and do a little shopping in Abu Dhabi. I was on the hunt for some bird feeders, as we just have tons of little birds in our garden. I also wanted a gallon of paint. Hey! This place is screaming to have it’s personality let out!

Well, finding bird seeds, and feeders and a birdbath are not as easy as one would think. We found seed at one store, but nothing else. We found hummingbird feeders at another store, but no hooks from which to hang them. Finally, at the place with the helpful hardware man (and my favorite place to get paint) I find some feeders (no seed, good thing I bought that at the first store) and one stand, that looks like a lamp post, to hang the feeders on. The little birds are going to be so excited to have their very own buffet in my garden.

As I was fruitlessly searching one of the stores at the mall, in Abu Dhabi, I came upon the most curious thing. Here I am, searching around for bird seed and the like, something you would think would be easy to find in a country that seems to have everything, when I round a corner at the back of the store, and see this… a very large selection of American Flags.

That’s right people, in the middle of Abu Dhabi, the largest selection of American flags I have seen since 9/11! Big flags, little flags, flag poles and buntings. The poles that hang on your house and the tall poles you plant in your yard. You name it, they had it. In Abu Dhabi.

So I did a little research:

One emirate, Abu Dhabi,  in the United Arab Emirates has 10,000 Americans. I walk into a store, looking for birdseed, and find quite a nice selection of American flags.

One state, Texas, in the United States of America, has 24 million Americans. I go to not one, but several large, everybody-knows-their-name stores, and I can find no American flags to hang in front of my home, in America.

Can someone please explain this to me?! How I can be in a country in the Middle East and find a most impressive array of American flags for which to hang on my villa and I can’t even walk into Office Max in the United States of America and find one for my home, in AMERICA?

While I didn’t buy one right then, I do have plans to go back to get a flag and a small pole for my garden, in Abu Dhabi. I’ll put it next to the lamp post stand that holds the buffet for the birds. The buffet the birds won’t eat.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day!

I have this great picture of CGMan and the Skater from quite a long time ago. But the picture? Is at home in Austin.

The Skater wasn’t a skater yet…he was just a little boy. The two of them decided to have a parade in the front yard.

So they put on their bike helmets and each grabbed a flag; Dad the US Flag and Skater the Coast Guard flag. They paraded all over the yard.

They were having such fun that the Marine, who was far from being a Marine at the time, grabbed the only flag left in the garage and joined the parade.

The other flag? It was an Ohio State flag, of course.

What? I never told you my husband is a Buckeye? Oh yes, my friends, I am a Buckeye-by-marriage and live in a Longhorn town. But we’ll talk about that another time.

I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day to all the grand masters in your own parades.

And Daddy?

Thanks for all the chats while you’re at work, the recipe exchanges, talks about books and building things together. And also for your excitement about my travels. It’s hard enough to leave my loved ones, but nice to know you’re waiting to hear all about it.

Happy Father’s Day to you. I love you!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dog days in Greece…

We heard that Greece has 20,000 homeless dogs. The dogs are very friendly and usually  “neighborhood” dogs who are fed by everyone.

Before the 2004 Olympics, they were rounded up, sterilized, and sheltered during the games. After that, they were returned to their various neighborhoods.

What I find interesting, is how big these dogs are. Trinidad was overrun with stray dogs, pothounds, as they were called. They were small dogs, usually varying in size between a Chihuahua and a Jack Russell. There were plenty of big dogs there, like Rottweilers, German Shepards and Pit Bulls, but they were used for security. The stray dogs were all smallish.

So it was a surprise for me to see so many large stray dogs. Big dogs eat a lot. I guess the saying here is, “It takes a village to raise a mutt”"

 IMG_1175 IMG_1140 IMG_1141  

This one was chasing bubbles, with not a care in the world.




I wish I had thought to take pictures of all the dogs we saw. I should have been thinking, “Blog stuff, blog stuff” but, I had that post traumatic stress/pain pill/ouzo thing going on.

I hesitate to show these to my girls, lest Phoebe decide she wants to be a Grecian Bulldog. Opah!!

The dogs were all very friendly and didn’t seem bothered by the gazillion people traipsing around their city. I love dogs, so it was fun to see them all enjoying the good life. Whoever said “It’s a dog’s life.” didn’t see the happiness of dogs living in Greece!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When in Greece…

do not always do what the Greeks do. They drive their scooters like maniacs (present scooter-driver notwithstanding), they litter, they graffiti everything and they smoke. Every. Body. smokes!!

I wanted to shout out to Meg over at Becoming a Non-Smoker, that it was almost tempting to have a smoke. But I did not. And I do believe, I was the only person in Greece not doing so. I couldn’t believe it. Even in the hospital on Crete! Of course, no smoking in the room, but you could walk to the end of your bed, open the door to a three foot balcony and have one there. Oh, and the mini-market I mentioned, was also a lunch room of sorts and you could smoke in there, as a lot of people did. *cough*cough*

So anyway, I said I would show pictures of Athens today, not talk about all the black lung in Greece.

Here are a few pictures with the little bit of knowledge I gleaned this morning from Wikipedia:



Acropolis is the name of the 3 hectares of hilltop where the Parthenon and other buildings are located.





The Parthenon is the temple to the Greek Goddess Athena.







It was a steady uphill walk to get there, but not too steep, so it was okay. It was a beautiful, breezy day.





Once you get up there, you walk in a big circle so as to see all the buildings and other ruins. This is the Erechtheum and was built in 407 BC. And those women still look good!


IMG_1079     This is the back side of the Parthenon. There was a woman as we started, who wanted to give us a guided tour. We were all Nah, we can find our way around. Well, if you ever go to the Parthenon…take the tour! It’s worth the few Euros to hear the stories of Greek mythology. I am taking the stand that we were incapable of coherent thought due to post traumatic stress  or pain pills or something. At least I took a lot of pictures.

I have plenty more pictures and stories of Athens. Tomorrow, we’ll learn about graffiti and stray dogs, lots of them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dawn in Athens…


As we sat on the beach (before the accident) we planned our week on Crete. We wanted mostly relaxing things like scootering around the countryside, golf, scuba diving for CGMan and a trip to Chrissi island, where the water is perfectly clear. So clear, in fact, that even on a moonlight night, you can see a fish 10 feet down that is only a few inches long.

You know what?   Plans change.

The day after we made our way back from the hospital, we did manage to hobble aboard the boat to Chrissi Island, where we sat in the shade and had lunch with our new friends from England. We got on famously. They enjoyed our company even though we were crippled up and obviously not very good at Quiz Night.

We heard some great stories from them, the most exciting being that they get to meet the Queen!  Always good to know someone who knows royalty, right? I wasn’t too much in awe (okay, I lie) because I know famous people, too.

Relaxing took on a whole new meaning for us. Naps, pain pills and changing dressings. But hey! We are still in Greece!!

On Friday, we flew to Athens for our weekend stay, before coming home to Abu Dhabi. We had reservations at what I’m sure was a perfectly reasonable budget hotel. On the way over, with broken shoulder and road rashes still tingly, we decided we needed a little more pampering than a budget hotel would afford.  Since we didn’t do any of the other excursions we had planned, we had money left over. We thought maybe we should upgrade.

We didn’t even have our bags yet, before CGMan worked a miracle. Gotta love cell phones and a man who can make things happen.  


As you can see,  we upgraded to the “I Love Lucy” suite. Apparently, people in Europe don’t have sex. The gods have made sure we don’t either, so it’s all good.



As we settled in to the feather bed and soft non-budget sheets, we reflected about our holiday so far. We’re merely battered and bruised, but we’ll live. We are thankful that we are here and can still enjoy the sights of Greece.

Tomorrow, I’ll share Athens with you. The ruins were amazing, the city…well, interesting.

We are back in Abu Dhabi now. CGMan has seen a doctor and learned there is no lasting damage and no surgery needed. He just needs time to heal. A lot of time. I have changed my ticket so I can stay on for a couple more weeks. At least until he is able to get himself dressed. It’s nice to be needed.

For the next three weeks…I’ll be Nurse Goodbody in Abu Dhabi.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did you know…?

…that Greeks eat more bread per person than any other country?

…that non-retractable claws are what makes cheetahs different than any other cat?

…that Maine is the easternmost state in the U.S.?

…the Atlantic Ocean is the most salty of the seven oceans?

…that Hercule Poirot was a Belgian detective?

…the word “typewriter” is the only 10 letter word using the top line of the keyboard?

…these questions were on Quiz Night at our hotel?

…that Europeans are too very serious about Quiz Night?

…that Ouzo makes Heiferyung think she is smarter than she really is and therefore not very good at Quiz Night?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a IMG_0929 . He was an angel right from the start. But he didn’t stay little for long.

He was always a bit of a prankster. And he loved a good ghost story. He grew and was a very happy boy  CrzyKids.  It wasn’t long before he decided he wanted to do some manly things. Guy stuff, you know? After much consideration he joined ScoutC . Years later, and many campouts, canoe trips and hikes along the Appalachian Trail,

he became big and strong 36 (and a little less geeky looking). He enjoyed the scouts so much, he achieved the highest rank, Eagle Scout.

One of his first jobs was in marketing IMG_0926  .  It takes a brave man to be the coolest bear in the mall.

Even though he wasn’t an athlete (oh wait, golf is a sport, right?) or an honor student (except for that one year) he managed to catch the eye of IMG_0925  in their senior year.

They were sweet on each other right from the start.

They spent a lot of time together. Most of it, she spent watching him wash his car. New love, right? They were so excited at the end of the year to go to IMG_0924

A few weeks later he IMG_0945, and his mother realized he was growing into a man. *sniff*

Then he set about to do something he had always dreamed of doing IMG_0930 . And his mother began to realize that he may be a foolish man.

After that first summer as a “man”, he had to say good-bye because he went on to fulfill another boyhood dreamjunior . He trained and trained and learned a lot. Then they sent him off to a scary, sandy place to work very hard showing people how to read maps.  He summered there for the next three years. He became good at ping pong, when he wasn’t stepping on the balls.

She missed him. Even though she went to school and studied hard, she made sure he knew we thought of him all the time IMG_0946 . It was not all roses back at home. There was one who sought to steal her away from the brave MarineIMG_0947 . There was a challenger for her affections. While her emotions were in turmoil, she remained true to her first love. But our Marine wasn’t scared one bit. No sir!

He came back and easily thwarted the “competition”… with his thumb. The knave soon realized the Marine was an ally worth cultivating and they became close friends. Brothers, even.

Last year, after many years of waiting and planning, the Marine stepped up and did what only the most grown up of men are brave enough to do:

He went to a beautiful house IMG_0931 and in front of his friends and family

 he … IMG_0942 .  It was then that his weepy mother understood… maybe he wasn’t so foolish, after all.


Happy Anniversary to the Marine and his Sunshine!


And they live happily ever after.

The End.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A semi-perfect day…

Did you ever have one of those days?

You know the kind.

The one where you’re just riding along on the back of a motorbike on a beautiful sunny day, on a Greek island (Crete to be precise) IMG_1034with your husband, whom you haven’t seen in three months.

You’re amazed at the people, the landscape, the sheep and all the olive trees. They’re everywhere!

You’re thinking about the man that came to talk about olive oil last night and wondering who you’re going to share your bottles with. You’re wondering at the lifestyle of these people who work so hard harvesting the olives for the fruit (are olives a fruit?) and the oil.

Then you start thinking about how wonderful Greek wineIMG_1061 is and you wonder where the grapevines are, since it appears the olive trees take up the entire island. You notice that you can see the water from just about everywhere.


You’re thinking it’s the most perfect day as you head along a curving road looking for the Ancient Town of Praissos. Once you find it, you realize it doesn’t look so much like an ancient town  as a pile of rocks. You realize  archaeology may not be your thing.


You’re hugging your husband and watching the bugs bounce off his helmet. You’re riding along feeling all carefree and young (well, young-ish anyway) when all of a sudden-BAM! you hit a small patch of gravel and the hog goes down.IMG_0972 Okay, not really a hog, more of a piglet , but when it goes down, it’s scary. And you’re dragged across the gravel for what seems like an eternity. Then you come to a stop and realize you’re not hurt very bad, just some road rash, and a tear in your brand new Capri pants.  Then you drive to the nearest town so your husband can go to the hospital because he thinks he might have broken his shoulder.

You get to the hospital and find out not only did he break his shoulder, he broke his clavicle and three ribs. Then you get take a Greek ambulance ride to the next town which is an hour away (on same said windy road) and spend the night in a Greek hospital with your husband while they “observe” him to make sure he hasn’t puncture a lung.

You learn that hospitals in Greece don’t provide anything, so you head to the mini-market and hope that someone speaks English so you can buy him some water and pajamas (what size does he wear in Greek PJs??) Then the two of you spend a romantic evening watching Greek talk shows, from separate hospital beds, and make up the things they were saying.

Did you ever have one of those days? Really? Cuz I did.

Only mine was worse.

I also got stung by a bee when it flew into my helmet.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The adventure continues…

I have much to tell you, but not enough time today.

So I will leave you with this little snippet of our scooter afternoon. I had planned to put it up for Wordless Wednesday, but it’s really hard to keep the days straight when you’re on holiday! Lets just call it Forgetful Friday, shall we?

Check back on Sunday for a special surprise.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beware the Raki…

After we checked in to the Rob & Laura Petrie suite, IMG_1016we take a stroll down the street (the only street) to get some provisions from the super-market. You know, stuff like olives, cheese and tonic water to go with our duty free vodka.

We pass two liquor stores on the way to the super-market, we buy some Ouzo and Greek wine (which is very good, by the way) as CGMan butchers practices his Greek with the owner’s wife.

Next door is a souvenir shop where we buy some beach towels.  CGMan is looking at a decanter set with glasses for his Ouzo and wondering what it says on it. The young man behind the counter was so nice and explained this was for Raki. We ask, what is Raki? He says it is a drink made from fermented grapes. He asks, “You want to try Raki?” Um, yeah.  As he pours three dixie cups, CGMan and I are thinking wine, right? Grapes and all. But it doesn’t look like wine.  CGMan whispers, “Bet it’s like moonshine”. The young man hands us our cups and says, “I am Dimitris, we are friends. Salut!”  and we tilt our cups…Oh. My. Gah!!  It IS moonshine!!

Apparently, everybody makes their own Raki. Each family has their own recipe. His father-in-law sells it in his liquor store, next door, in liter water bottles. Just like moonshine.

Last night, we had a lesson about olive oil from an olive farmer. It is really interesting the history of olives. They go all the way back to 1800 BC. There are olive trees all over the place. Looking out our window, it seems we are in the middle of an orchard. IMG_1019  The olives are harvested in November. And apparently it is not as easy as just shaking the tree and having the olives fall off. Anyway, we learned how the olive oil is made and what makes it virgin and extra virgin (the acidity). He had some of his own olive oil for us to try and for purchase. If there was an extra, extra virgin, this would be it. Of course, I bought some to bring home.

Today, we are renting scooters to go exploring. We have heard of a nice place to do some bird watching and a couple of caves. Our hotel manager is great for letting us know which tavernas to stop and eat. The food here is amazing.

But when the owner offers his Raki for us to try, I’ll have to pass.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We made it…finally!


I have truly earned the moniker “Iron Butt”. Let me just recap for you the few days since I left the good ole U.S. of A.

I jump on a plane to Houston where I sit for a 5 hour layover. (Thank you, USO!) then I have a 15 hour flight to Dubai, where my wonderful hubby picks me up. Twelve hours later, we are on a one hour plane ride to Bahrain, where our one hour layover turned into a sleepover. Luckily, they put us in a hotel instead of making us sleep at the airport. Then it was a 4 hour plane ride to Athens. Because of the sleepover, we now have to wait 4 hours to catch our one hour flight to Crete. It is dark and we still have a two hour car ride ahead of us. We opt to stay in Heraklion for the night. So yesterday, you guessed it… We had a road trip!! (By the way, I can now add “international navigator” to my resume)

Whew! I’m tired just talking about it! But we’re here, in Greece and it is awesome!! The people are so friendly and English is spoken all over. We have had no language barriers. CGMan downloaded some podcasts to learn some Greek phrases and has been entertaining our bartender with his attempts.

Today will be our first whole day. We plan to do a whole lot of nothing. The weather is so beautiful and the water so blue. I think an afternoon on the beach is just the ticket. Tomorrow, we plan to rent scooters and go exploring. We are on the southeast corner of Crete. It is the most underdeveloped part of the island. For us, that means unspoiled by tourism. We like that.

We have discovered Ouzo and Raki, but I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. It’s time for breakfast and I must run. Andio!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dawn in Abu Dhabi…

When I left Houston, it was 7:oo pm. When I landed in Dubai, it was 7:00 pm- the next day! Talk about how time flies! I lost a whole day.

Dubai airport is HUGE! CGMan tells me it’s the largest in the world. Doesn’t surprise me. Dubai is all about the biggest, tallest, most expensive, blah blah blah.

Anyway, he didn’t want to have to drive me an hour back home to Abu Dhabi after losing a whole day on the airplane, so he booked us a room at a nice hotel. Because he’s a frequent flyer at the Rotana, they upgraded us to a suite. Sweet! Too bad I was too exhausted to pay it much attention.

I was greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, robe and slippers. mmmm, nice. The desk sent up a lovely bowl of fruit, too.  On it, was this thing: IMG_0982

I didn’t know if I was supposed to eat it or buy it a Habitrail. We found out later that it’s a Rambutan and is very good. You cut the top off and kind of squeeze the fruit out. The fruit looks like a peeled grape with a small pit shaped like an almond. The fruit is very sweet, but not citrusy at all. 

We went to dinner at the Indian restaurant, and man oh man, was it good! I love Indian food. I had Tandoori prawns and CGMan had this








It was a coconut curry shrimp. SO delish!

This morning, we got up and took the scenic route out of Dubai. The last time we drove through here, neither of us knew where we were going or what to see. Since then, CGMan and his buddies come up to golf and have learned their way around. IMG_0880

Yeah, we drove right past this bad boy. That’s all we could afford to do, just drive on by! I often wonder…if I was rich instead of beautiful, would I stay in places like that? Would I throw my money around like that? Hell yeah!

We’re back in Abu Dhabi in time for CGman to pack (talk about waiting till the last minute!) and we leave for Greece this evening. I had a good sleep last night, so think I have shaken off the last of the jet lag. Let the vacation begin!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday…



* Except for her feelings, no dogs were hurt in the making of this video.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Life’s Celebrations…

I love birthdays. I love when it’s my birthday and I especially love when it’s a loved one’s birthday. I always try to make their own day as special as possible. I do it for my husband and for my kids. And if I had a grandbaby, I would totally make sure everyone in the blogosphere knew it was my grandbaby’s birthday.

But I don’t have a grandbaby.

I have a grandcat…



IMG_0246  IMG_0038IMG_3157  IMG_3158

Grandma loves you!!

Wordless Wednesday…with some words…

I like wordless Wednesdays. It gives me a chance to show off some pictures that I have cramming up my phone. Let’s see, since you’ve alread...