Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The pig dives no more…

I was so sad to hear that Ralph the pig no longer dives at the Aquarena in San Marcos. Skater and the Girl were going to take me to see Ralph for Mother’s Day (which we’re celebrating this Sunday).

You see, I love roadside attractions. When I see a billboard on the side of the road, I’m all about seeing what’s in there. It may stem from all the years of passing “The THING” and not stopping. I think that’s why I love road trips so much.

For Christmas last year, the kids gave me a couple of books: Roadside America and Weird America. It was fun to go through the books and mark off the places I had already been, even before knowing they were in a book!

I read about the Aquarena in San Marcos and how they had this diving pig named Ralph. When I looked it up, the park has changed and it is not so much a kitschy roadside attraction as an educational field trip destination. No thanks. I wanted to see the diving pig.

Last year, the Skater went with me to the Snake Farm on I-35. I’m told it’s been there forever, since my parents went there once when I a tiny tot. That must have been about 20 years ago or so. Where “so” equals another twenty years, but whatever.

So today will be spent looking for something unique for us to do for Mother’s Day. It really shouldn’t be too hard here in Austin, where there is plenty of weird stuff. Why, just last weekend was Eeyore’s birthday.

While on the Roadside America website, I did read of a guy right here in South Austin who has a junk cathedral. That might be worth seeing. It’s no diving pig, but I could cross it off my list of stuff to see before I die.

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