Thursday, April 30, 2009

Now that I’ve made you curious…

I love road trips. I love to get in the car and just go somewhere. I think in my other life, I must have been a dog, because it doesn’t matter where we go, just that we get to go for a car ride. My dad calls me Iron Butt. I think that’s his way of calling me courageous or crazy.  Most likely both.

Daddy and the OR-Mum scoffed when I said I wanted to get on the back road between their house in Dallas and our house in Austin. They were sure there would be nothing to see. Well, look what I found!


That’s right! The Worlds Largest Rocking Chair and the Billy The Kid Museum. You wouldn’t find that along I-35, now would you?

One time, CGMan and I drove the back roads through the state of Louisiana. Just because. While there, we saw the Tabasco factory and museum.


We paused in New Orleans long enough to see a voodoo museum and have my palm read.


We crossed Lake Pontchartrain, then crossed a river on a ferry boat. Then we stopped at Louisiana's most eccentric museum, The UCM (you-see-um) Museum and Mystery House.

IMG_0907 It had all kinds of cool stuff in it! Extra points if you can tell me what these are:

IMG_0914 IMG_0912

Our last stop was at the Bonnie and Clyde Museum outside of Shreveport. All good stuff.


The next year, the Skater and I took a week and drove to the Four Corners, just to say we did.


We stopped in Roswell, hugged an alien and saw a couple of cool museums. Then spent the night at Carlsbad Caverns.


I even took a road trip in Canada! That’s right, when I visited my BFF, she took me on a road trip. I don’t think when we headed out, she knew what an enthusiastic traveling companion she had.

We saw bears (not the real kind, although she said they were “everywhere”) elk, a glacier and even a cow.

IMG_1643 IMG_1774IMG_1702 IMG_1792

What I did not see when I was in Canada: a moose, a real bear or a Mountie. (p.s. A bear dressed like a Mountie does not count) I guess I will just have to go back for more research.

And these, my friends, are just a few of the pictures of my wacky travels. I’ve lost some to computer crashes and others are on that old timey medium called “film” and would require scanning. Suffice it to say, I have crossed off quite a few things on my bizarre road trip quest.

I’ll be sharing more of my road trip adventures over time. It’s one of my favorite subjects. And I’m sure you never gave those roadside attractions a second thought, did you? But now…now I’ve sparked your curiosity. It’s okay to admit it. I won’t tell.

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